Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I'm off to TAHITI for a month and a bit! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. See you all in 2014!

Love Khaia

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The last days of school...

In the last days of school classes are shifting to other classes because there original classes are being rebuilt. Mr Burt said that rooms 16, 17, 18 and 15 are being rebuilt. We are also being shifted to new class rooms but not now we might be in there next year. But until then we have our class room.

I can't wait to move into our new class next year and Mr J said that we will have lockers Hooray! I wander what the other classes look like. All I know is that there big and they will have privacy if you have classes stuck together.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Net Book Reflection 2013

How has having a net book connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

  • What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year?
  • What significant thing have you learnt all by yourself - maybe online
  • What have you learnt from your friend this year
  • What have you learnt from someone outside of your classroom this year (ie not teacher or classmate)
  • How have you helped other kids learn this year
  • How have you grown your key competencies through using digital tools this year

My net book helps me bye helping me find out what things mean. I have learnt how to solve hard questions. How to share docs. I have learnt that when cows eat grass and bring the grass back up it is called regurgitating. By helping them when they get stuck on a question or a problem.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The missing sock

One blue rainy day Harold, who loved to adventure everywhere around his community, hopped out of his bed and yelled, “hellooo sun…” But before he could say sunshine his smile turned into a frown because it was raining and he couldn't go outside. So he grabbed his socks because his feet were could but when he looked at it and said, “ where is my sock?” So he began his journey to look for the missing sock.

After a few minutes he started asking himself where would a missing sock go? Until ‘bam! something hit him. when he looked down there was a acorn with a note on it so he opened it and it said in fancy letters Dear Mr Harold I am very happy to say I stole your sock, and I just wanted you to know  this was from the sock king good luck finding me. Harold gasped like he was surprised and said, “I must find him I must” and kept on saying it.

Then he planned out what he was going to do and what he was looking for. So he thought to himself saying, “socks socks socks aha” His first destination was the laundry he said, “of course!” So he went down there but it was bad luck so he looked it the dryer nothing. But he had thought sock king sock king sock and said, “Under my bed that's where I keep my clothes so he went upstairs and looked under the bed and there he was but when he picked the sock king up it was a fake so he thought again and again...TO BE CONTINUED…  

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Me in year 6

Here are some things I want to be in year 6 and what I will probably look like.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ambury Farm

Yesterday the year five went to Ambury farm and saw a lot of animals and today I made a presentation and I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


This is what I think some of the things in halloween about.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island

Next week the year sixes are of to camp on Kawau island it stinks because the year fives are not going. But we are next year. The camp is called Benzon and there is a cook named Mr Coop. Next year when I go I am looking forward to doing the Burma trail because I have never been on one. There are activities there like   the Burma trail, sports, swimming, Fitness trail, walking kayaking and more. There are lots of critters there like Wallabies, king fish, morepork owls, wekas, oyster catchers, Caspian tern, gannets, fantails and more.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


The whisper

On a gloomy scary day on December the 1st there was a man named John who was obsessed with sheds Because he could keep his cars and stuff in there. He was a millionaire he had the largest company ever. He had a wife named Cindy but John was in love with his sheds and cars so his wife left for a couple of days and went to her friends house. John got angry and yelled, “ fine I didn’t need you in the first place” But he actually did. A few days after that he got the message of his wife being kidnapped in an old shed. So he said to himself, “nooooooooo no I must find her I am so sorry (Cry)”

The Next day he receives a call from a unknown person And the unknown person said with a low voice, “ I have got your wife and I will kill her unless you bring me $50,000” So John said OK but let me listen to my wife talk so the unknown person put it in front of sindy’s mouth and she screamed out,” help me the guy is….!” The guy quickly pulled the phone away and told him the address and hanged up. John sighed with relief.

The next day he packed his bags and left to boo street 31A in berk. So he set off on his journey in search of his wife. 2 days later he gets to his destination and begins searching for his missing wife. When he saw the place he knew it was a shed and lost his focus and began looking for space for his cars. a few hours later he heard a mysterious whisper and a scream that sounded like Cindy so he remembered what he was looking for and got back on track. Soon he heard a voice that sounded like Cindy and followed it but got lost because it was a giant. shed it had tipsy and tourneys but the heard the whisper again and did not stop. He did this for 3 and a half hours and found out that he was going in the wrong direction so he went the other way and saw the guy or as we shale it lady.

He jumped with a surprising face and said, “ Jenny is that you” the lady replied with, “ yes it is me I have taken your wife” John said, “ but why?’ She replied saying, “ all these years I have been jealous of you and always wanted to go into your company but you didn’t let me in so I am getting my revenge so where is the money?” John said here you go now where is Cindy she pushed her to him and they left. When they got home she woke up and said, “ Jenny has gone loko” John stopped her there and said, “ it’s OK I got her”     THE END  You're probably wondering what happened to Jenny While She blew up because the bag wasn't a filled with money it was filled with a giant bomb.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Crash

On a scorching day in oz there was a guy named john and he LOVED his girlfriend named Lilly they also LOVED exploring the world they have been everywhere including the poorest countries they were there to help. Lilly was a wonderful woman she would get stressed if she did not get out that much. She always went on walks every single morning and never stopped actually no one could stop her. Lilly had a boyfriend named John the only person he would explore with was Lilly they loved taking risks like jumping of the highest building, jumping out of a airplane and jumping off a cliff which was fun for them. but not for others.  

One day they decided to go on one more trip to Raro so they packed their bags and headed off to the airport. When they got there it was packed and the only plane that was open to Raro was G947 which was dangerous but they didn’t care so they took a risk which was what they were about. They got on and looked at the furniture the said, "Wow look at this raggy ugly plane this is the worst!" The waiters which were robots welcomed them and the two of them said, "Why are you so rusty" the robot's then shut down. They were the only ones on the plane. They had a nice feast from the robot's waiter which recharged and lay down to have a rest until…

They felt the plane rumble they thought it was just some stuff in the back or the ugly plane until something hit there head they woke up disturbed but when they looked up there was a mask right on top of their head. They put them on and went to have a look on what was going on and when they went in the polite room and the auto pilot went crazy. They both went to scream like little girls but before they could it crashed and luckily they survived. The first thing they thought of was how they would survive until people rescue them. So they built a shelter and made some food from bananas and coconuts because it was in a jungle. 6 years later…

They were found by a couple of scientists who were finding DNA samples of bugs. They called their jet and took the couple on to the plane that was were john pulled out the ring and on the plane and said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you and here I go will you marry me” Lily screamed, “YES YES YES of course” and they lived happily ever after.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Rainbow

1. Sam probably Went to sleep at about (6am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm, 8pm)
I think it was probably 8pm

2. Explain how you got your answer to question 1.
Because that is a usual time everybody goes to sleep

3. Including Sam, there were six people in the family. TRUE/FALSE/MAYBE
Maybe because it said parents brothers and sisters

4. Sam's sister was probably about (6, 9, 12, 15, 18) years old.
She is 18
5. Support your answer to question 4 with proof from the story.
It said that she was drving to town to by fish and chips
6. This story probably took place in the month of
7. Why do you think the grass on the top of the rainbow was called UNUSUAL
grass? Grass doesn’t grow on rainbows.

8. Give another word to take the place of:
(a) slumber      Sleep
(b) beckoned    light
(c) base     bottom
(d) glistening     shining
(Do not use a dictionary)

9. Sam was taken by the messenger to Hugo (facing downwards, facing upwards, facing sideways). Upwards

10. Who was the firstborn child in the family, Sam's sister, one of Sam's brothers or Sam himself? Sams sister

11. Sam's bedroom Was painted blue. YES/ NO/PERHAPS Perhaps because it didn’t tell us about his bedroom.

The Government

My edited version

On a hot bursting day Chang the gardener was outside ploughing his food. Now he wasn't a bad guy he loved kids and he was a great father. He had a wife who was leaving to new york because she had a job interview. She was a great woman but she was tricky because once she stole somebody's wallet. They also had a son named Jason he was 16 and he was outside helping his dad do the gardening until…

They heard large people knocking on the door they went to go have a look it was the government and his agents they came with a contract saying. Dear Mr Chang we would like to kick you out and build a theme park here kind regards the government. Mr Chang was surprised he was also angry he did not want to lose his house because his son and him would starve to death well mum get’s the info of them dieing. So he was about to refuse but he was scared of the guards so he went to his son and said pack your bags we're going so they waited by the bus stop then…

His friend willy came over to his house but he saw the,caution do not enter sign, but then he saw his friend at the bus stop and asked him what is happening. His friend was too sad to tell him. Then his friend started asking him all these Questions and finally he got it right. So he made a plan to save some money for his friends house. The next day willy went to the government and said, “Here is your money I would like to buy this house” the government said, “Ok then I’ll be back to take this house” and Willy said, “And I’ll be here to buy it because I am rich and i’ll do anything for a friend” And they lived happily ever after and Willy was fund raising for him. The government came back but willy was there to save them again and again and again and it went like this for 3 whole years.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The goverment

This is an unedited version

On a hot bursting day chang the gardener was outside ploughing his food. Now he wasn’t a bad guy he loved kids and he was a friendly guy. He had a wife who was leaving to new york because she had a job interview. She was a great woman but she was tricky because once she stole somebody's wallet. They also had a son named jason he was 16 and he was outside helping his dad do the gardening until…

They heard large people stomping they went to go have a look it was the government and his agents they came with a contract saying. Dear mr chang we would like to kick you out and build a theme park here kind regards the government. Mr chang was surprised he was also angry he did not want to lose his house because his son and him would starve to death well mum get’s the info of them dieing. So he was about to refuse but he was scared of the guards so he went to his son and said pack your bags we're going so they waited by the bus stop then…

His friend willy came over to his house but he saw the caution do not enter sign but then he saw his friend at the bus stop and asked him what is happening. His friend was too sad to tell him. Then his friend started asking him all these Questions and finally he got it right . so he made a plan to save some money for his friends house. The next day willy went to the government and said, “Here is your money I would like to buy this house” the government said, “Ok then I’ll be back to take this house” and Willy said, “And I’ll be here to buy it because I am rich and i’ll do anything for a friend” And they lived happily ever after and Willy was fundraising for him. The government came back but willy was there to save them again and again and again and it went like this for 3 whole years.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Making Pizza's

Last week we had to make pizzas to represent labour day. We had to go in pairs so I picked Ana we had lot's of fun. We found out it was first celebrated in NZ isn't that great. Before we could do anything we had to do some research on labour day. We found out a lot of things likeThe first step was to plan and we said to put 28 in the middle because it shows when it was first created which was in 1890 28th of october and we put eight of everything on because it meant the eight hours of work.

The second step was to make it so we put down a base and put our net books at the back so we could see what we where doing. The first thing we put on was the tomato past spread it out as thick as we wanted it. Then we added pepperoni and salami but we ruined it by putting lot's of cheese on top. After that we added a salami circle and put the 28 in it. After that we put salami around the edges and then sprinkled 28 other ingredients on on it. then we put it in the oven it looked delicious.

The third step was to tell the class why you did it but we didn't do it because we ran out of time. When we took it out it had a giant mountain on it then it went down every body laughed so did we.We just ate it and gave it out to 4 people Ollie Rowana's little sister, Mr Barks, Mrs clark and Mrs George. we hoped they liked it. When we ate it it was like a real pizza. .

Making Pizza For Labour Day from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Farm Questions

  •  Who would want to make farm's?
  •  Where did the word farm come from?
  •  When did farmer's start farming?
  •  What can I do to protect animals?
  •  Why who we protect animals?
  •  How can  I become a farmer?
  • Which is the most important thing in farming?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs goat and her seven kids

Once upon a time their was a mother goat who was going to the supermarket but before she left her kids she said “ Do not open the door to anybody no matter what ever”. The kids said “Okay mother”. So the mother went and a few minutes later the BIG BAD WOLF came knocking on the door. Knock Knock Knock. “Who’s there” the kids said. “I am your mother. I have some  sweets for you. Now open the door”. The kids said  “ You are not our mother. Mother has a sweet voice like MUSIC. So the wolf went to the music teacher and said “ Teach me how to have a sweet voice like MUSIC or I will bite your beak off”. “Okay” said the music teacher.

The wolf ran to the house the kids were in and said “ Open the door for your sweet mother I have some ice cream for you”. “She has the voice like mother. Stick you’re paw in the letterbox”. The wolf stuck his hand in the letterbox and the kids said “ You are not mother you are the big bad wolf Mother  has a white hoof” So the wolf went to the artist and said “ Paint my paw white like a goat.”

The next hour or so he ended up tricking the  kids to let him in but the littlest kid jumped i a bucket of coal  and the wolf ate the other 6.  The Mother goat came home and the littlest kid told the mother everything and the mother gave the wolf a SAMOAN HIDING and the 6 kids came out of the wolf’s mouth.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Fathers day

Guess what? It was fathers day on Sunday and for my father we had breakfast with Bacon, sunny side up eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages and hash browns. It was delicious and it was also the day my sister Shoal came back from waitan because she had to make a movie with the prefects and they got to sleep in a hotel it looked really fancy I wished I could’ve gone.

After we ate I presented my dad with a gift and I bet you don’t know what it was, well I’ll tell you it was a pair of cool new shoes  that he always wanted. When he opened the box his face looked like he got a fright from me but that was his surprised face. He was really happy but my mum started to say, “I can get you the peach and black ones if you won’t” Mum kept on bragging to dad but dad kept on saying it’s OK Mel it’s OK. Then she started saying, “You thought you weren’t going to get something ay” Then my dad said, “I don’t care because I still got something”

After breakfast we did the table then went to pick Shoal up from school. When they got home I was sleeping then she came up to me and started to smack me with the pillow. A few smacks later… I finally woke up and my eyes were puffy and red then my mum said,”Go back to sleep you look tired” so I went back to my nap. Later that day we went to my Nana's house in town.

In town we had a fathers day dinner and I blessed the food. Then we dug in I had roasted potato, prawns and chicken. It was scrumptious like the breakfast we had. happy father's day.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

rhyming couplets

A couplet is a two lines poem or lyric. The last word each line rhymes.

On Wednesday at work I got paid double
Then my mum found out and I got in trouble.

While I was climbing up a very very tall tree
Something popped out and it was a chubby bee.

One day I was playing with my volleyball
Then I popped it and it went really small.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Reading interview

Today I was asked some questions listen to me to see how good I was.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My punctuation goal


Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross country

“OH NO! Cross country’s coming up and I don’t want to do it hopefully I will get to stay home” I said on Wednesday but I was wrong I had to go to school because of netball. It was a hot summers day and I was about to start the race it was nerve racking and I was shaking because I thought I would come last. But I never knew if I came last or in the middle. Until…

On Thursday It began my heart went into my throat and I was really scared because the track was really long and I thought it would be hard until I started off I went in 4th place but then DJ and Katrina ran past me putting me in 6th place but then I Started to sprint but they were too fast so I stayed there at least I was not coming last.

Then it came up to the muddy bits because it had been raining earlier in the day and I nearly fell over onto my face but luckily Iron was there to catch me HOORAY! But then I sprinted because I thought she was going to go past me. Then I started to sweat so I rested for a little bit but then I saw Iron catching up so I sprinted again and again and again.

Then it came to an end So I started to sprint up to the white blow up thing and cross it and guess  what I came…   7th YAY! I didn’t come last and it turned out well and then I got a glass of water and splashed it on my face. I was so proud of myself and hopefully I will come 2nd or 3rd next year.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Speech marks

Today kiwis group learned how to use speech marks but instead of doing it with Mr Marks we did it with Mr S. It was fun and know we know how to use speech marks and punctuation better. Thank you Mr S.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Miser

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a big cottage one day he sold all his stuff for a lump of gold and buried in a whole by the an old wall. A few weeks later one of his workman came over to observe his frequent visits he was observing misers moves then finally discovered the lump of gold so when the miser went off to the shop he dug up the gold and ran off. Then the miser got home to find bits of dirt everywhere and to find his precious gold vanished and sobbed. The next day his next door neighbour hear his crying and said put a stone where you put the gold then you while feel that it is still there the end.  

The moral of the story is to never leave a visitor at your house with no attention. To also never be dumb and sell your stuff when you know the money you get is going to be stolen. So if you think wherever you hide it know one will find it well you're wrong.

This relates to peoples life because we think visitors won't look for the money we have. And you think that selling your stuff helps you get rich well you might be wrong. So good luck.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Royal family

Here are all of the crews combined into one whole group and they came 1st YAY! It was for the mega crew and it is the 3rd time in a row that they came 1st.

Request family

Here are my two favorite dance crews Bubblegum and Sorority. They are part of the Request Family with Parris Goebel who is the leader of request dance crew. They all recently competed in the HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION IN LAS VEGAS USA and all teams did well.

There were three teams that entered in Parris's team and they were BUBBLEGUM, SORORITY AND THE ROYAL FAMILY. Bubblegum came second, Sorority came 3rd and The royal family came first. congrats to all CROWNS UP!

Monday, 12 August 2013


Here are some rhymes.

Plumb pie
Little jack sorner sat in the corner eating a plumb pie he stuck in his thumb pulled out a plumb and said what a good boy am I.

Little miss muffet
Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and way along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened miss muffet away.

Hicory dicory doc
Hicory dicory doc the mouse ran up the clock the clock struck one the mouse ran down hicory dicoy doc.

Humptey dumptey
humptey dumptey sat on a wall humptey dumptey had a great fall
all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put humpety toghteher again.

Little red riding hood

Once upon a time in a land far away there was a cute little girl her name was Little red riding hood they call her that because of the red hood she wears and her favourite colour is red. She had a mum who was really protective over her. She also had a granny who was very old and always got sick.

 One day her mum jenny told her that granny was sick and that she had to take a basket of goodies to her to get well and to not leave the path, To not talk to stranger and say hi to granny from mum. Little red riding hood was not good at remembering things so it was difficult to remember all that stuff

But she still set off to start her journey well she was walking she forgot what mum said as she was walking she saw strawberries as red as blood and picked them then she saw a beautiful yellow butterfly so she followed it and came across some big daisies well she was looking she saw a pair of beady eyes spying on her that was when she heard a voice say “we’re are you going little girl” She replied back and said “ to my granny’s house just down the road” but the eyes disappeared so she ran back to the path and started walking again.

20 minutes later, She got to her destination which was Granny's house and knocked on the door when she heard a voice say, “come in come in”. It was the wolf trying to hide his raged voice but little red riding hood didn’t know it was him and became curious and walked in saying, “granny what different voice you have” ,”because I am sick” the wolf replied. Little red riding hood finally said after a few minutes, “what big teeth you have.” The wolf tore the blankets off and said,  THE BETTER TO EAT YOU WITH”And little red riding hood ran as fast as she could but the wolf was too fast and ate her.

After that the hunter who was destine to catch the wolf stopped by to ask for a glass of water but when he looked through the window and there it was the wolf he loaded his shotgun and...
BAM BAM BAM! He aimed at the wolfs head and it exploded into a million pieces. The hunter got out his knife and chopped the wolfs tummy open and popped out was Little Red Riding Hood and granny they gave the hunter a glass of water and he said, “well we are not going to see that wolf again.” Then mum busted through the door yelling, “where's my baby” When she saw Little Red Riding Hood she cried with tears of joy. They lived happily ever after.
                        The end
The moral of the story is listen to you mum, stay on the right path and do not talk to strangers.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The hare and the tortoise

Once upon a time there was a land far away from here it was a hot scorching day and there lived a Hare and he was superb at showing off he was also great at winning at races because of his long springy legs and his name was speedy. There also lived a tortoise, badger, crow, fox and rat. They all loved playing together except the tortoise and fox, fox loved to hide and he thinks that he knows everything and tortoise well... He just sits under the tree munching on  bits of grass well dozing off to sleep so he really doesn’t do anything.

One day the hare was jumping up and down in the field of carrots when he saw the tortoise. He yelled out “Hey cabbage head what are you, lazy” When all of a sudden a orange head poked out of the hedge - rows “Ohh hello fox have I told you I can beat everyone in a race” shouted speedy “yes 1 milion times” said fox. “You do know he is eating grass and dozing off because he is going to hibernate soon” says fox “wow he must be the laziest person ever” Yells speedy. “Fine then he challenges you to a race” said fox The tortoise didn’t even stand up for himself or say no he just sat there dozing off to sleep well munching juicy bits of grass speedy said “OK but be warned I will win” “OK” said fox we will do it  from the meadow all the way to the top of the mountain tomorrow. “Fine”said speedy and then he ran off.

The next day was the big race everybody came to watch. “READY GET SET GO” yelled badger speedy gave tortoise a head start then after a few minutes ran into the apple forest. When he looked behind him there was no sign of the tortoise so he munched down a long piece of juicy grass and lay down and drifted off to sleep under the apple tree. 2 hours later... Speedy wok up and sprinted across the finish line. As told by the hare.

listen to ‘The hare and the tortoise by khaia’ on Audioboo

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What do kids have for dinner?

Today I have been wondering about what kids have for dinner. What do you have for dinner?

The Balloon Experiment

Here is my presentation about the balloon experiment.

Monday, 29 July 2013

The fireworks

At the end of the Matariki light show the people who hosted it decided to add some firework.  It was awesome they were like little bombs. Sadly we didn’t get to go but we still saw it at our house and the view was much better.

Friday, 19 July 2013

how to make bonaffee pie YUMMY!

My sister and I made bonaffee pie and it was fun we wished that we could make something else but mum said no we hope you enjoy our movie.

My speech on Sunday.

On Sunday I am going to do a speech at the atiu hall it is a giant church I will be standing in front of hundreds of people. Let me guess your saying wow shes not afraid of doing it in front of hundreds of people well here is your answer well I started doing it when I was four years old so I have been doing it for six years isn't that a LONG time. My speech will be said in cook Island isn't that cool and I learned it in only 1 day am I not awesome or am I awesome. My message is that believe in your self because you know you can do it like me I wasn't afraid when I was 4 years old instead It was fun because I got a treat after. so believe in your self when your in front of lots of people.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


WOW! have you been to the light’s in Glen Ines? Well you should go there luckily for you it’s going to stay there until Saturday. The light’s are here for a reason and do you know what that reason is? Well if you guessed Matariki you are correct and if you go down there you would see A sign and it say’s Matariki. I love light’s especially when they're shared with everyone.

When I was there I saw beautiful light’s all over the place they were all sorts of colours it was like the people who set it up put there heart and soul into it. First we saw the bridge and it was decorated with beautiful hoop’s and it had a sign that said... yep you guessed it Matariki. I also saw A spirale it was red and yellow and ran through it. After running in it I got dizzy I got so dizzy that I nearly vomited. When I was there I saw Tame and Sione they were playing a game it looked fun but I couldn't play. Then we wanted to go on the bridge but the man said it was too slippery that was a bummer. That was so much fun it was like running through a tunnel of glowing lights floating in the air! I wish that we could've gone on the bridge it just looked so interesting with it’s bright blue light’s.

My favourite one was the hoop’s because they were colourful and it went from big to small spiraling will i ran through them. When we saw the disco ball my little sister wanted to go toilet so we had to go home I said I will stay and you guy’s can go then my mum said no we're going home now!. I wished that we didn’t go home. But when we got home I could smell yummy sandwiches calling my name maybe it wasn't that bad.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Te reo Maori competition

How to make a poi from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Here is our video for the te reo Maori competition. We hope you enjoy our movie.

My book review

Title:The Adventures of OOK GLUK Kung - fu cavemen from the future.

Author:George Bread and Harold Huchins

Characters (OOK, GLUK, little dinosaur, Wise new friend, pal, lilly, goppenopper.  They like to do kung - fu, Kung - fu, Goppenopper):

Setting (Dinosaur history. It’s a beautiful land with great cave ladys and cave men And kids. It has lots of trees and cool Dinosaurs all sorts of sizes But it is taken over by an evil villain named Goopenopper.  ):

What was the problem?
Pal and Lilly are in trouble but OOK and GLUK don’t know who took them. The boys are 500,001 Its pretty old. So they searched and searched until somebody named Gobstoper took them and now they think they know who took pal and Lilly. It was a guy from 2222 who came to get strong slaves And little Dinosaur was caught to But...

What was the solution?  The Business zapped the Villan so he could take over but the he started to fade and pal said You have killed your ancient great grandfather and then the guy said so what Pal said If he is dead, Then his children never existed. Neither did his grandchildren and neither do you.

Was there a plot twist? no

My favourite part of the book was? When GlUK and OOK get captured by a gorilla and then he felt a tap on his shoulder and when he looked he saw... Little Dinosaurs mum and then he put them down and ran away.

Would I read this book again? Of Course

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story.