Thursday, 28 August 2014


This is an animation about boccia sorry that there are no recordings but it wasn't working. You can still check out the rules on my blog.
Boccia from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Moas had the opportunity to read a book called escape from Afghanistan. So now we have to write about what it felt like when you were on bored of the bus which was packed tight.

If I were on the bus...
I would vomit when ever I needed to go toilet because it was just a wooden bowl. And I wold be embarrassed because there are no doors. I would be really scared if I was sitting on the side of the bus because I wouldn't want to fall out. Last but not least I would hate going to sleep on there because I would have to sit up and sleep and then get disturbed when ever someone walked over me to get to the toilet. AND THIS IS WHY I WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE IN AFGHANISTAN!


1) Why did the family in the story leave Afghanistan?
Because there were lots of wars happening and the taleban were taking over.
2) Why didn’t the kid in the story go to school?
Because the taliban were teaching the kids and his dad didn’t want him to go instead he taught his son himself.
3) How did the kid in the story lean to read and write?
His dad taught him.
4) What is the capital of Afghanistan?
It is kabul.
5) Describe the toilet on the boat.
It was a wooden bowl.
6) How did they first know something was wrong on their journey to Christmas island?
When they went to ask the captain then the captain said that he was lost.
7) What was the ship from Norway called?
It was called Tampa
8) Where did they go after Papua New Guinea?
They went to Nuaru
9) Who got to go to New Zealand?
The people who got to go to NZ was people that were 18 and under and families

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Facts About 2 Authors

Cath/Catherine Mayo facts: (5 Facts)
1. Cath was born in Auckland, New Zealand
2. Cath had been doing lots of stuff when she was  teenager like playing the violin, French, music and lots more.
3.  Cath is a Luthier which is someone who makes violins
4. She had a cat called Goldwater and one day she died so cath brought another one and called it Nikos
5. Last but not least her books. She has 2 books called Murder At Mykenai and The Bow.
Click here to see her site.

Paula Green: (5 facts)
1. Paula Green was born in, September 1927 the 18th.
2. She was best known for writing lyrics.
3. Paula has written 5 poems so far
4. Green was one of the pioneers of women in advertising.
5. She had always loved writing poems

Click  here to see a site.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Thursday, 14 August 2014


On tuesday Sorority had a netball game at 6:45 that was one of our latest games and I think we only have 1 or two more games left. But on tuesday only 5 people played which were Marilyn, Taunese,  Rowana, Liz and me. I cannot believe we only played with 5 players when there were supposed to have seven. Our coach Priscilla told us that if we win this game it will prove we don't need the rest of them. And guess what, WE WON THE SCORE WAS 26 TO 15. We all couldn't stop talking about it and bragging. I am so glad that we all worked as a team and used our skills from our training. As you can see in the photo I was GD and it was a tough job having to mark 3 people at once because some people didn't show up.  It doesn't really matter just at least we won. And we even got player of the day every single one of us that showed up. THREE CHEERS FOR SORORITY HUPHUP HOORAY HUPHUP HOORAY HUPHUP HOORAY! GO SORORITY!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

War Poem

I have been learning about nouns, adjectives and participles to write diamante poems.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


From hosting the commonwealth games to hosting a 5th birthday party for a boy. Iy's going to be stressful with six little boys running around but at least we made someone happy. HAPPY BDAY TO ALL!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Here is a quiz about india try your hardest to answer them and then Click this to go to the answers!  or click on the presentation.


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Monday, 4 August 2014

Let the games begin

Finally, it’s the time that everyone have been waiting for. It only happens every four years. The one and only, Commonwealth games being held in Glasgow Scotland. I am so  excited to see my auntie and uncle represent my culture (Niue) in lawn bowls and weightlifting. I am so proud of them for going and I am really hoping they come at least #1, #2 or #3.

My second favourite event is High jump which is in athletics.To be honest I don’t really wont to watch it but Maybe I will a little. How to play is so easy all you need is a long mat that is thick and spongy, a pole that won’t hurt you when you jump over it. Oh yeah you also need something to hold the pole .Now  to set it up, place the mat somewhere clear then the pole and the thing that is holding it to put in front. Last but not least you have to start on a angle and run as fast as you can then jump at least in the middle and over the bar. Here is a tip for jumping over, try and keep your body straight. There are a few ways to jump over like scissor kicks, super man and lots more.

My least favourite event is sprints because I don’t really like running and I don’t ever come first, second or third. Let’s just get this over with. There is a little trigger thing you put your foot on. If you take your foot of it and the fake gun shot doesn't shoot you are automatically disqualified. Oh yeah about the gunshot that is what communicates with the trigger foot thing. So that mean when it shoot it pushes the foot thing forward allowing you to run. Then you run as fast as you can to the finish line.

Last but not least netball. Netball is my favourite event not because I play but it looks fun. I started playing it in year 4 with Mr Jacobson. It inspired me to keep playing and now my mum is the manager and my friends mum is the coach. Any way, Netball is really fascinating and blood pumping running around passing a ball and shooting goals. I think this is the easiest game to play.

We are all so lucky that our country is apart of the commonwealth games and that we have people representing us. If we didn't agree for the queen to rule us we wouldn't be apart of it.