Monday, 22 September 2014


Protecting our Kaimoana

Agree or Disagree

Read the journal - Protecting our Kaimoana
Complete this agree or disagree activity based on what the author thinks.
Would the author Agree or Disagree
Page number and paragraph
New Zealand's number of undersea creatures is decreasing.
“I saw that the undersea creatures were steadily disappearing”
Page 1
Paragraph 1
If people keep being greedy, then we could run out of Kaimoana in our oceans.
“But if people are greedy and take too much, or take the young ones before they grow big enough to reproduce themselves, then the fridge will get cleaned  out”
Page 1
Para 1
There are no rules about the size or number you can take when collecting Kaimoana.
“M.A.F* Has set rules about size and number of all the kinds of kaimoana you can take.”
Page 2
Para 3
You need a permit to collect more than what you need for yourself.
“Anyone can come and get a permit for that”
Page 2
Para 4
M.A.F. cannot search your catch.
“M.A.F* Gives me the power to stop people if I think there carrying kaimoana, and check it”
Page 2
Para 4
You can sell what you catch as long as you don’t charge too much.
“Thats illegal Unless you have a special permit”
Page 3
Para 6
You are not allowed to catch Paua on Scuba gear.
“Some divers use scba gear to take paua”
Page 3
Para 7
What do you think?
Complete this Agree or Disagree activity based on what you think!

Do you agree or Disagree
Explain why you agree or disagree
There is no need for Fisheries officers, people should be able to get how ever much Kaimona they need.
Because if there aren’t anyone looking out for people taking to much than the ocean would have no more kaimoana.
No one should be allowed to catch their own Kaimona. People should only be able to get them from the shops.
Because if everyone just keeps on going to the shop to buy seafood than the shop would have no more and the people who get the stuff from the ocean to put in the shop would have to stop working because there will be no more Kaimoana if they just keep going back to the ocean and getting a lot more fish.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Advice blog for Kaimoana

WALT: Understand the authors message.
In my literacy group we were reading a book called Protecting our kaimoana and it was about the size and the limit for collecting shellfish and why we don't just go and collect as much as we want. Click here to read the story but just so you know there are only three pages.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Simple and Complex Sentence Rap

WALT: Explain what a complex or compound sentence is.

Here is what we rapped,
Simple sentence has 1 clause,
Complex or compound have two or more,
Clauses are special kinds of verbs,
Which are special doing words,
if you want to learn some more,
Check the internet of unicorn,

No not really      Sorry!

BK RAP from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

News Article

By Khaia
Movie Makers
Kids from Tamaki have the opportunity to create movies to show in the Film Festival at Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinemas, Xtreme Screen.

There are 12 of schools from Tamaki that have joined the Film Festival. That doesn't mean that there are that many films. In fact all the classes from each school submit movies and they are all shown on the extreme screen.

Kids have been asking why do they have a Film Festival. We have Mrs Burt, who is hosting the Manaiakalani Film Festival, from Pt England school to tell you why, “ We hold the Film Festival so that our children have the opportunity to see their work on the biggest screen in the southern hemisphere, We also have it because I want everyone to see how awesome and fabulous our kids are, I am very proud of our kids.”

What do people think about the film festival? Brooklyn’s here from Pt England School to tell you what she thinks about the Film Festival, “ I think it is really fun for all the kids to see what their movies are about and see what creativity they have.” Now lets talk to Lucy from the same school, “It’s cool because the kids can make their own movies with a little help from their teacher”

All the kids are excited for the next Film Festival which is next year. If you want to see previous movies, type this link in your computer and it will come up with all the movies that have shown on the screen, be warned there are a lot of movies.

WALT: use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports.

This is the Criteria mark that I gave myself.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Volunteer Interview

Telecom / Spark Community Day @ PES from SchoolTV on Vimeo.
This is a little clip of when  a group of volunteers came to Pt England School. I got the opportunity to interview one of the helpers. At first we asked a few other people but they refused and grabbed another person to come and talk to us and there I am interviewing him.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How To Make Breadfruit Chips

In my literacy group with Mr Goodwin we were reading a book called Breadfruit chips. It explained how to get the breadfruit off the tree and cook it.  Watch the video to see how to do it.
khaia how to make Breadfruit chips from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Story Line Reflection

Last week year 5, 6, 7, 8 went down to the Vodafone event center to see 4 special authors. The names were   Juliette MclverCath MayoJill MacGregorPaula Green. (You can click on the names to see the sites) My favourite author would have to be Paula green. I liked her because she is really good at rhyming (Sorry to the others) but she wasn't the only one, there was also Juliette Mclver who was my second favourite. I guess I like them because I am just interested in the beat and the rhyms.

If I were on the stage having to present what kinds of books I have and what I have been studding I would have froze or even forget what to say. I think I would have like to have more time to learn about them and understand why they were doing all of these things.

f one of the authors are reading this right know all I would want to say is thank you for giving up your time to share the things that you have been doing to us and it would be great if you left me a comment.


In class moas were reading a book called breadfruit chips and it told us how to make. This is about the vocab and explaining it.