Friday, 28 February 2014

My Statistical Investigation

I was investigating what the highest wind speed. I conclude that when the temperature went high the wind speed went low. The highest temperature was about 37 and the lowest wind speed was 5.

This chart was ok to read but I got mixed up. This was because it was on the side and I couldn't read it clearly.

This was the easiest one to read because it shows the differences. As you can see on the 5th one the wind speed dropped really low and the temperature rised high. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Using Your Wits

Have you ever been angry? Well were here to tell you about using your WITS. Your WITS stand for, W - walk away, I - Ignore it, T - Talk about it and S - Seek help.
Using your WITS helps you because you might be in a fight or in big trouble so you could stop and think about using it.

First up is walk away. Being in a fight is not the best option so you should think then walk away. You do this because you don't want to be involved in the situation or go into detention.

Now for I - ignore it. You Ignore it by not listening to people if they're not saying nice things.
If you do you will start to talk back and say bad things to them and then maybe you'll visit the bosses room.

Next up is Talk about it. It is important to talk about if you're in a argument with your friend or anyone.  If this happens remember to talk about it and sort it out.

Next is Seek help. When someone is in a fight you should always walk away and seek help for a teacher. This is because it might become a bigger mess but if you tell the teacher she or he will sort it all out.

Using your WITS help you by telling you what is right. It also helps by sorting out problems and situations. Has this helped you?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Tiaki Taonga

Tiaki Taonga - B.A.K from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This was made by Khaia, Ariana and Brooklyn. it is about looking after your net book or tiaki taonga for it which means care for it. Enjoy (:

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stride Jumps

This is our stride jump chart. We had to figure out how many stride jumps we could do in 15 seconds in 3 goes. then we had to times it by three then it gets your average score. Then times that by 2 for 30 seconds then times that by 2 to for 1 minute then times that by two 1 more time a for your 2 minute score.

Monday, 10 February 2014

My stem and leaf graph

The least crunches done was 10.
The highest crunches done are 40 from me and Brooklyn.
There were more tens and thirtys out of all.

1st chapter of the bridge

Once in a mystical land there live a little girl with two older sisters who made her be there cleaner. I know this may sound like cinderella but its not trust me, shall we go on. Well  the little girls name was ella. She was A happy little girl until her sisters came into her life and ruined it.

One day she ran away from home to sandy her best friend. She was puffed out that she couldn’t talk. While she was puffed out sandy was asking her a lot of questions. Ella didn’t respond. Then for a few minutes she talked. Then asked her if she would tell her sisters that she was there Sandy swore to nott and also said “ Cross my heart hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye Heehee” They both laughed and left the house in search of a new family for Ella.

While walking they came across lots of beautiful houses with nice families but she couldn’t fit in with the other kids. So they went to more houses but bad luck. They then visited some kids from sandys school and the first won said no second was no but third it was a yes and she lived happily ever after. Hold on There's more did you think it was over that fast. One day her and her new sister went on a walk and came across a bridge so they walked across it because who doesn't like walks on a bridge. There mum warned them to stay out of trouble and not to talk to  strangers or to go on the bridge. They didn’t hear the last one and said “ Bye” they didn’t know this but the bridge wasnt ordanierry if only they listened. … TO BE CONTIUED

Friday, 7 February 2014

Class Data


I predict that...

1. Boys would mostly like the animal bull
2. Girls would mostly like penguins
3. Girls in class 8 would mostly like Mc Donald's
4. Boys would mostly like K.F.C

We found out...
1. The girls most favourite animal is penguin.
2. K.F.C is the most least common favourite food from the girls.
3. Most boys in class 6 like bull's
4. The least common food that boys don't like is Mc Donald's

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I am a year 6 now! Welcome to my 2014 learning journey. This is a picture I created in Pizap.

Holiday Highlight

waking up excited to leave my sister and I got ready to board a plane from huahine to Tahiti. hopping in the plane I sat down and we fell asleep until we lifted off. That took at least 50 minutes. We were leaving to Tahiti because it was for a family reunion. my sister and I met new cousins and friends on the way.

The first thing we did when the plane lifted off we watched movie and played games on the mini screen on the chair in front of us. Falling asleep one more time while listening to music. As we got closer to Tahiti my Auntie woke me up and said “ we're nearly there are you excited to go?” I said “Yes of course!”

seconds after waking up a call came on and it was in Tahitian then cook island than English it said we were going to take a stop at bora bora. We dropped off more people and to let more people come on. I thought we were allowed to go have a look around since it was a 40 minute stop but we had to stay in because we didn't have a ticket back in. so I sat there bored while eating my Pringles. then the plane started and we took off once more and it was…

Lunch time and we got to pick it was out of crepes or eggs I wasn’t a good fan of eggs so I got crepes. it was delicious and so creamy the fruit salad was great with the crepes just by thinking of it i’m getting hungry are you. Minutes later landing excitedly I hopped out of my chair and jumped around.