Wednesday, 28 May 2014


 This is about the mass, volume and density. It is by Kat and I. ENJOY:)

Passengers & Ships

 This is a presentation about the titanic and jet boat.

Monday, 26 May 2014

My life going down or is it?

It all started on the titanic. Reading a book on my bed drifting asleep. My hand fell off the bed and it was wet and cold. I woke up with a shiver going down my spine. I looked down and my hole room was filled with water. I got up to see if the toilet was clogged again. Hoping jeride didn’t bomb it again. But as soon as I  got out to fix the toilet I looked into the bowl and it was fine. The smell of rotten eggs filled the air though and made me blank out. I woke up straight away because of the cold water.

I felt a sudden urge that something was wrong I walked out to dime light from the lights on the ship. Everyone was screaming in panic. I then saw a little girl wrapped in blankets. The band tried calming the people down with cheerful music but nothing changed. I then started to panic too while searching around the whole boat for a rescue boat but they were all full.

I scanned the whole ship once more. to come across a grappling hook and asked myself, “What is a grappling hook doing on a ship” Then shrugged my shoulders and quickly grabbed it. But heard a scratching noise like the sound of a fork being scrapped against a plate. I grabbed the stuff and my ears and ran to the edge of the boat thinking I’m doomed I will never live. I quickly threw the hook onto the iceberg and climbed across to the berg. But before I climbed across I grabbed a firework thing and went across. Then I shot the firework and waited until someone came. One day later I froze before they came because I was so far away It would take 1 and a half days.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Basket boats

Moas have been learning about basket boats. Here are some facts about them. Read about it and you will learn more about it yourself.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The girl with the mysterious powers

Grabbing a freshly cooked corndog Angelina  quickly spots a college friend but is not in the mood to talk so she uses her super speed and goes away. Hiding at the back of a dark alleyway she moves deeper and deeper down. A sound then  roamed the whole place going, “Slam slam slam!” She jumped up in surprise but see’s that it was an old creaky door opening and closing. There was a strange smell of the dead. But she was too distracted by curiosity.  Now Angelina is a curious girl. Angelina is not an ordinary person because she has super speed. Her dream job has always been to become an agent, she has been dreaming of it since she was a little girl. Any way shall we get back to the story.

As Angelina moved closer to the dead end she tiredly sat on a rusty old bin. An old lady appeared out of nowhere asking, “Are you thirsty” Angelina replied, “yes” the old lady then say’s, “Here you go” Giving her a bottle of  thick purple juice. She grabbed the bottle and took a quick wiff. It smelt of sweet grapes, blackcurrant and something that she had never smelt before.  Before angelina could ask what it was she vanished while saying, “smokebomb” then the air was filled with smoke. She curiously lifted the bottle to her lips and took a sip of the mysterious drink. She then felt nothing happen so she drank every single drop.

The next morning she woke up and felt a sudden urge for a hot chocolate when suddenly in a blink she found herself on the floor of the coffee shop with everyone staring at her. She felt embarrassed and accidentally yelled, “what are you looking at!” But then clamped her mouth closed. She then got up and awkwardly went to the counter and asked, “ 1 hot chocolate please” The smell of chocolate filled the air and tempted angelina even more. Finally, Andrew(the person who was serving her) told her that it was $25.00. She urgently felt into her pocket and screamed, “oh no I left my money at home so she told the guy but Andrew did nothing. Suddenly he spoke saying, “Here you go it’s on the house i'm sure my boss won't mind” But he sounded like a robot. Angelina backed away while slurping her drink. she blinked again and suddenly she was back home.

She then got dressed and left the apartment. In Search of the alleyway to talk to the old lady again.It happened again she was at the alleyway. She said to her self, “I need to speak with her” The air blew with a cold breeze which made her shiver. When she came close to the dead end she used her super speed and in a flash she was at her destination… KEEP IN TOUCH FOR PART TWO OF THE GIRL WITH THE MYSTERIOUS POWERS.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


This photo is explaining things about me for example. The piano represents how I love music, the plane means I like to travle, the flags represent my family and in the middle is how much I love my family. 

Boat sale


15 / 05 / 14


Screenshot 2014-05-15 at 9.33.06 AM.png

The canoe was $300 but only for 1 week we are going to take 50% off so now it’s $149.99.

Our Canoe is in great condition. It is man powered(You have to paddle it) It can fit 1 or 2 people in it. It is 20 feet long. It comes in a variety of colors. What makes a canoe float? You may ask. Well it is something to do with Buoyancy and Density. The canoe displaces as much water as it weighs. It is a very light it only takes 1 or 2 people to carry it to the water. If you get 1 canoe you will get a paddle boat for half price.

Screenshot 2014-05-15 at 9.35.23 AM.png

It was $400 but we are taking 50% off of it but it is only for 1 week so get in now before they're all gone.

The Jetski is a very popular for it’s speed. The highest speed of a Jet Ski is 25 knots. It is designed to get you wet but also to keep you out of the water. The length of a speed boat is 172.7 in, the width is 47  in, The height is 45.3 in and the weight is 1,040.7lbs.

Titanic Research

Researching the Titanic

List some questions that you would like answered?
  1. What were the dimensions of the Titanic?
  2. What was the biggest cause of the sinking of the Titanic?
  3. What killed all the people?
  4. Why was it called the titanic?
  5. How many people built the titanic?
  6. How much does it weigh?(including passengers and petrole)
  7. What was their fastest speed?
  8. What did they eat?

Find your answers from the below websites:

Insert your information notes below:

Question 1 information:
The height of the Titanic is 175 ft. The length is 882 ft. The width is 28.19400m.
Question 2 information:
It was when the vessel hit the iceberg and it got holes in in it and sunk because it was full of water.
Question 3 information:
The cold water were they froze to death. Or they went down with the boat and couldn’t breath.
Question 4 information:
it was named after Titans who were powerful and strong Greek-Roman legends.
Question 5 information:
It took 3,000 people to build the whole thing. And it took 3 years to build it.
Question 6 information:
the ship weighed 46,00 tons. it was really big
Question 7 information:
Their highest speed was 24 knots. that was really fast.
Question 8 information:

They ate 75,000 lbs of meat and 101,00 pieces of fruit.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dry Dock

 Do you know how a drydock works? Well watch this video and you will find out.
Boat from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Malawi and NZ menu's

These are  breakfast menu's from NZ and Malawi. We are comparing NZ breakfast menu's to what Malawi people eat for breakfast. Did you know 1 kwacha (Malawi Money) is 18 cents in NZ that is really cheap. Kwacha is pronounce like this Kwa - cher just incase you didn't know.

These are the differences:
We have more varieties of food then them because they mostly have the same things over and over again. Another thing I have come to understand is that we sell more expensive stuff but they have cheap stuff because they don't have enough money. Last but not least is that we don't pump our water it just runs in taps but they have to do it because they have no water systems. And NZ have more fatty food but Malawi have healthy stuff like vegetables and rice.

These are the similarities:(There are not many similarities)
First we both have water which is really good. We both also have vegetables to make us healthy. 

I have come to understand that people in Malawi don't have Varieties of food un like us. They also do not eat a lot of meat, They have to keep the goats and chicken for weddings and funerals. One last thing is that their money is very cheap in New Zealand, Did you know 1 kwacha is 18 cents in NZ. It is really cheap because they don't have enough money.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Test Writing

Do YOU know how to treat your friend respectfully? Well i'm here to tell you its easy as 1, 2, 3 . The things they want from you are simple. Just follow my rules and you'll be a good friend in no time.

First up is your friend doesn't want a someone whose boring and all they talk about is flowers and stuff. While lets throw that away and do something about it. Your friend wants someone who is interesting so lets liven it up a little. 1st, Talk about making up stories about cool things. Then tell them scary stories because everyone loves scary things.

The next thing a friend wants is for you to be kind. Here is a demonstration if they are stuck on some work help them and if they are sad you will be there to pick them up and look after them. If this is helping keep listening because next up is being reliable.

Now for reliable this helps because they might tell you a secret or ask you to help them at lunch when they have to do a job you will be there. If they do tell you a secret you have to swear to not tell anyone. When a friend is waiting for you after lunch and you don’t come this will spoil your friendship and that is a bad thing of course. But if you tell them why you didn’t come maybe she or he will forgive you. But if you tell about the secret your friendship will definitely be of or over.

Time for the conclusion. Has this told you a few steps on how to be a good friend? While if it has you are now a the best friend you can be and everybody will be racing to play with you. Just remember everyone likes a person who is interesting, kind, tells the truth and someone whose helpful.

My highlight Holiday

Have you ever watched Rio 2? Well I have. It all starts with my sisters, my mum and I parking in Sylvia park getting ready for the movies. We all strolled into the mall excitedly with happy smiles on our face’s. Me and my sisters were talking about the movie when Mum suddenly changes the subject and says, “Hey khaia look at this cool top for you, I think we should go shopping instead” All of us yelled, “ No!(even my little sister said it)” My mum says, “Ok ok we wont” we all went, “few that was close”

The first thing we did was go and get some food from pak n save because it costs to much at the movies. The first thing we got from there was drinks for we got water, then we got chips which were twists and russians and the last thing we got was popcorn.

Then we left and went to go and get our tickets. When we got there there was a very long line. they quickly jumped in line before no one else came. So while me and my sisters were waiting we went in to whitcoulls to read some books. 30 minutes later mum shows up with 4 tickets. Then we all leave.

While walking mum asks, “Who’s hungry” We all rushed in and yelled, “Me!” So we went to the food court it was now 3:30. We got our food me and kensi (My little sister) had butter chicken, Cree and Shoal had McDonald's And mum had veggies and noodles from tank. It was then 4:00 it took us that long to pick. We blessed our food and ate. When it was 4:15 we finished our food tidied up and left to the movies once more.

Finally the movie lanes opened and we went in excitedly. The movie took a few minutes to start but it was worth it. As it started we grabbed our food hungrily and shoved our mouths with food and drinks. It was really Delicious and mouth watering. My advise to you is don’t get your food from the movies get is from somewhere cheaper. You could even get the popcorn and go heat it up in the baby room. Juring watching the movie Mum told me to take Kensi up to the VIP chairs so she could lie down. When I got up there she was running all over the place and screaming so I grabbed her dummy angrily because I was trying to watch the movie and shoved it into her mouth. She was still running around so I grabbed my ipad and gave it to her and she finally stopped.

The movie finally finished and we were all happy and talking about our favourite bits. Mine was when they went to the Amazon and blue thought there was going to be a fight and they were just talking about soccer. I thought the movie was really good and that it was really interesting even though Kensi didn’t let me watch some of it but I still thought it was great. I hope you get a chance to watch it and if you have tell me what your favourite bit was in the comments.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Term 2 team assembly

Hooray! Welcome back Pt England! It is a new term and we are all excited to start. As usual we have a team assembly to welcome everyone back. Our topic is flotation. Flotation is about how things float and more. The main topic is I like to move it, move it.

My favourite team was Mrs Barks she was learning about colour and how we see them.The bit I liked out of it was how we see the colour green. First the colour green absorbs all the colour but when green gets to it it bounces right off and into someones eyes and that helps them see it. There are also different colours that can do different kinds of waves like orange can do high waves and blue and purple can do tight waves. Who would think rainbows could be cool.