Thursday, 15 May 2014

Boat sale


15 / 05 / 14


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The canoe was $300 but only for 1 week we are going to take 50% off so now it’s $149.99.

Our Canoe is in great condition. It is man powered(You have to paddle it) It can fit 1 or 2 people in it. It is 20 feet long. It comes in a variety of colors. What makes a canoe float? You may ask. Well it is something to do with Buoyancy and Density. The canoe displaces as much water as it weighs. It is a very light it only takes 1 or 2 people to carry it to the water. If you get 1 canoe you will get a paddle boat for half price.

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It was $400 but we are taking 50% off of it but it is only for 1 week so get in now before they're all gone.

The Jetski is a very popular for it’s speed. The highest speed of a Jet Ski is 25 knots. It is designed to get you wet but also to keep you out of the water. The length of a speed boat is 172.7 in, the width is 47  in, The height is 45.3 in and the weight is 1,040.7lbs.

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