Monday, 27 June 2016


This week I have been learning about BEDMAS. I have learnt that BEDMASS is an order of how to solve a problem. BEDMAS stands for, Brackets, Exponents, Divide, Multiply and Subtract.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Read the rhyming poem below 'School Days'
What is the big idea behind this poem?
someone is thinking about there past at school.
 Why is it's layout like this?
When there is a capital letter it is the beginning of a new line. This is to show where the end of the rhyming words are.
 What does 'reminisce mean'
Remembering fun past events
 How is writing 'so much like drawing'
Because every piece of writing has a meaning and detailed writing can paint a picture in your head about what it looks like.
 Try your hand at writing a poem about school.

Learning in class is what we do
Sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's cool

Kids get loud and bark like dogs
And some of them even eat like hogs

Walking to TECH is always a drag
But i'm in cooking, not to brag

But aside all that, school is fun
When your not chewing lots of gum

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Language Features

This week room 3 literacy have been working on language features. So far we have learnt what onomatopoeia, alliteration, similes and metaphors mean.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Show not tell

The sky above was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. The clouds started to cry and flash, like a photography camera taking a photo with the flash on. Everywhere I stepped it seemed like bad luck followed. I would see something I liked and something bad would strike. I couldn’t even walk without being hit. “sigh”

It all started the day before. I was just enjoying my daily walk, I bent down to tie my shoelaces and as soon as I raised back up a frisbee flies straight into my face leaving a patch of black on my right eye. The people who threw the flying saucer rushed over to apologise. I picked myself up and kept going and that was when a bird decides to take a load onto my shoulder. I got so angry that I turned right round and carefully strolled straight home. I decided to stop for a nice sweet treat to get my mind off of what had just happened.  When finally to top it all off I got accused for taking a ladies babies candy because coincidentally I was holding the exact same candy as her baby. “Bash” my candy goes as I threw onto the floor and ran for the hills, which was where I lived. I hopped into the showers, got changed and headed straight for the bed, hoping to sleep it off.

Now that brings me to today's breath of bad luck, literally I took in a breath of air this morning and a bug flew directly into my mouth.  I tried to make myself comfortable on my luxury chair in the living room and thought about why this was happening. I had no clue of how to stop it so I searched up some ways of how to get rid of bad luck. My first option was to create a hot cocoa with 10 spoons of hot chocolate but there was no way I was going to go near hot water, especially when I was cursed. My next option was to balance 5 books on my head while singing Walk away. I did as told and heard a big “thump!” Then I felt fire racing through my veins killing my toe slowly. I collapsed onto my chair ready to give up when suddenly I saw one more trick I could try sitting at the bottom of the page. It said to think back to something I had found and picked up while doing something. I thought back to if I had come across something I had picked up recently.

Trying to remember, I decided to get a cookie from the pantry. I grabbed a chocolate chip cookies and that was when I realized I had picked up a coin while running through the park. I ran straight to my tights I had worn that day,while running, and took the coin out. I held the coin up high and my picture frame fell onto my foot. I was sure the coin was bringing me bad luck. I walked outside and threw the coin as hard as I could. I didn't see were it landed but at least it was gone. I walked back inside ready to try out if my bad luck had vanished.

A sound came from my front door "knock knock." I raced over to the door to be greeted by my mother hold a batch of my favourite cookies, Peanut butter cookies. For once I had felt normal.