Thursday, 16 June 2016


Read the rhyming poem below 'School Days'
What is the big idea behind this poem?
someone is thinking about there past at school.
 Why is it's layout like this?
When there is a capital letter it is the beginning of a new line. This is to show where the end of the rhyming words are.
 What does 'reminisce mean'
Remembering fun past events
 How is writing 'so much like drawing'
Because every piece of writing has a meaning and detailed writing can paint a picture in your head about what it looks like.
 Try your hand at writing a poem about school.

Learning in class is what we do
Sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's cool

Kids get loud and bark like dogs
And some of them even eat like hogs

Walking to TECH is always a drag
But i'm in cooking, not to brag

But aside all that, school is fun
When your not chewing lots of gum

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