Monday, 31 March 2014

The Giant Egg Hunt

Do you know about the Big egg hunt that was going on around Auckland, Christchurch and wellington? There are 100 eggs to collect. Here in Auckland there are only 46 eggs, they are hidden all around town. Whittaker's Nz are the one's who set these activity's up. They are doing this because they are fundraising money for star-ship childrens hospital. The winner gets a one of a kind golden slab which is made by Partridge Jewellers and there are eggs that get you free peanut slabs. I already have received 3 free peanut slabs from scanning the eggs. There are lots of artists who have designed the eggs into master pieces and they are all inspired by shows and other stuff. The one you should look for is the "wheres wally egg" because he gives you 99 points.

My mum and my sister Cree and I went on a train ride all the way into Auckland City just to hunt for the eggs and by the end of it my feet was hurting. We had so much fun and not only did we find all the eggs I visited places I have never been to before. Like the Gus Fisher Gallery on Shortland St and the Louis Vuitton store on Queen St.
The place with most of the eggs is at the viaduct events center (oops spoiler alert). When you start looking for the eggs people will hand you a map showing you where the eggs are. The first place we looked was at the museum and there were only four eggs. My favorite would have been #egg12 which is gondwanna by Collin Mathuira - Jeffree. It was a dinosaur egg with a dinosaur head poking out. This egg was found at the Museum.  The funniest egg would have to be egg with the ladder coming out of it.

The competition is run from 21 March to the 22nd of April. So those of you who want to hunt for some unique and amazing eggs also helping a great cause go out and have fun finding them with your friends and family and GOOD LUCK some are hard to find.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


My Movie 2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Wow, do you know why people swim? If you don't then we will tell you. We swim because when someone needs help we can help them, for example if my little sister was drowning what would I do?

Well if you were thinking about this question and you a wondering who should I go to to get advice well here I am okay. I’ll start from the beginning. When I wanted to learn I heard that in two weeks we were going to a session at the GI pools. I was so excited that we were going. When that special day came we went at 2 o'clock to the GI pools we Instructors to help us and advise us hey that just like me how I’m giving you advice going back to Instructor’s at the beginning the instructors wanted to see were we were like if we needed more or if we needed to go back and learn all of them, so we got two at a time then they put us into groups there was one,two and three then when we were ready we got straight into it.

Why you need to learn how to swim.

It is important to swim because when you get into the water you will know how to swim and also it will be more fun than drowning.

What encourages me to swim is that my dad’s dad he was one of the best swimmers so I follow his footsteps steps, though I'm not as good as he was.

Here are some swimming moves that you could learn:

Arm strokes. When you start arm strokes , you start off  with your right hand you go slowly over your head then your left hand will be your breathing hand then you just do it over and over again but when you do your arm strokes they have to be slow but your legs they have to be super fast.

Another move is rocket ship a rocket ship move is when you put both arm’s together like a sharp pencil then you make sure that your chin is glued to your chest.HERE ARE MY BEST SWIMMING MOVES.Well there is backstroke back freestyle and that all you’ll learn it in your session’s How?How? What would happen if you got washed out to sea and you wouldn't know how to swim?


Go to any pools and learn to swim. You should have a session cause it is easier but if you're too shy you could go with friends.

Well that’s my advice for remember to LEARN TO SWIM! !!!!!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Geometry - GI Map

To get to My house from Pt England,

1.You go north west toward Elstree ave.
2. When you get to the round about turn left (North west) down Taniwha street.
3. Turn right (west) into the first street and there it is.

To get to the pools from my friends house,

1. You go up kawiti ave until you get to Pt England.
2. Then take a right (North West) towards Elstree ave.
3. Then there will be a blue building and there it is.

Adding Detail to our sentences

This is by the Moas group in Mr Somerville's reading group. This is about adding more detail to our sentences. One thing that I learnt was to make the sentences attract my audience.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Speech Marks

Today we were learning how to use speech marks correctly. This little story is about a story that we have read our task. Enjoy!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Y5 and Y6 Camp

Last week camp started on wednesday. It was for the year 5 and six’s. I got the chance to be a leader with tai and we named the team the all stars. We were camping on school grounds and it was really hard to sleep on. The camp was a tradition to Pt England school and the first one was in 1993 so they just cared it on for 21 years.

Our first activity was top town if you don’t know what it is well it’s a  game with lots of obstacle courses. The first thing was moving the planks into a passage way to get to the water balloons which you had to fill up in the beginning. When you get to the water balloons half way across from the bottom field you get called to sit down so he could go over the rules. Then we played you had to try and keep dry. Elizabeth Glassie got hit in the face by tai with a water balloon. The Next thing was to use the skinny planks to get across to the taou pollen that was no problem. Then you had to go under it and to the sling shot. We failed on that because we kept on missing the target. Finally  we succeeded and moved on to the gumboot challenge. we had to throw gumboots on to the same target we used for the sling shot. Then we had to get as much water from the bucket to the other one by using a sponge after 8 squirts it the bucket was finished and we went back the way we came and it turned out we came 1st it was so close because they were in front of us but the fell into the water. but apart from that it was a tie breaker.

Next it is time for my favorite which is indoor sports. There were all sorts of things we could do like basket ball, table tennis, tennis and my favourite roller skating. That was my favourite because I love to roller skate and I was the best out of the girls even though I had to wait I still got a turn. Sateki kept on asking, “Do you want to race,” But I said no,” because I knew he would win. The best out of the boys was sateki.

Now for the ending. I was so thankful for my parents for letting me go to camp. I was really excited and lucky because some of the other kids didn’t come. I would like to thank the teachers who set it up and looked after us so three cheers to them! Thank you everybody who helped!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Monday, 10 March 2014

About Me Part 2

Here is part two enjoy.

On part 1 I asked you what my favourite animal is an lion. Here is another fact it is that I love keep calm signs because they're awesome like me hehe. My favorite singers would have to be beyonce and mackle more. Tomorrow guess what is happening i’m going to see the breakers so cool because I love  basketball or B ball. Another good thing coming up is camp and i’m so excited. Here is the last thing. Sometimes people call me and marilyn either twins, Sisters or cousins. It turns out this is the last one about me so bye.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


This is my tui presentation. It was for my reading task.


Do YOU know how to treat your friend respectfully? Well i’m here to tell you its easy as 1, 2, 3 . The things they want from you are simple. Just follow my rules and you’ll be a good friend in no time.

First up is your friend doesn't want a someone whose boring and all they talk about is flowers and stuff. While lets throw that away and do something about it. Your friend wants someone who is interesting so lets liven it up a little. 1st, Talk about making up stories about cool things. Then tell them scary stories because everyone loves scary things.

The next thing a friend wants is for you to be kind. Here is a demonstration if they are stuck on some work help them and if they are sad you will be there to pick them up and look after them. If this is helping keep listening because next up is being reliable.

Now for reliable this helps because they might tell you a secret or ask you to help them at lunch when they have to do a job you will be there. If they do tell you a secret you have to swear to not tell anyone. When a friend is waiting for you after lunch and you don’t come this will spoil your friendship and that is a bad thing of course. But if you tell them why you didn’t come maybe she or he will forgive you. But if you tell about the secret your friendship will definitely be of or over.

Time for the conclusion. Has this told you a few steps on how to be a good friend? While if it has you are now a the best friend you can be and everybody will be racing to play with you. Just remember everyone likes a person who is interesting, kind, tells the truth and someone whose helpful.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Have you ever seen the monarch butterfly life cycle? If you said no well you're in luck. My classes, 6, 7 and 8 are learning about the monarch butterfly life cycle. The monarch butterfly is orange, black and white. They have a special powder on their wings so it can help them fly. Did you know monarchs are starting to get extinct because people are catching them and rubbing the power off or killing them.

At the start of a monarch's life it begins as a egg which is about the size of the sesame seed. The egg is put on the bottom of a swan plant. After  a few days it starts to wriggle which means it ready to come out. It chews a little hole for it to come out and it is only 2 millimeters long really tiny.

When it is out it returns for a snack on the egg because it has lots of vitamins and minerals. It then goes away and starts to eat the leaves on the swan plant. If there are pods around the swan plant. They are the caterpillars food it is called milk weed it is really good for them. After a few weeks it loses 7 skins that means it is growing which is a good thing.

Next when it is up to full grown it then hangs of the leaf and forms a cocoon. It takes a week and a half for it to transform into a cristalis. Did you know a word for something turning into a different animal is called metamorphosis. After about 2 week it begins to hatch and come out. When it is out the wings are small so they  stretch them for about half an hour. When it is expanded it starts the life cycle over again.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Free Writing

Kia orana my name is Khaia and I am 10 and a half years old. I am going to talk a little more about myself so enjoy. I love scary things and interesting things because they are cool. My favourite sports are touch, basket ball,  rippa rugby and net ball. I am really looking forward to the year 5 and 6 camp. My favorite colors are blue and purple. I love technology and my 3 sisters. I really like art because it fun using different colors and being free to create anything. I love playing the piano and flute. My favourite animal would have to be something strong and fierce so that would be... You have to find out and then comment down below. There is going to be a second part and in that I will tell you what it is. So untill then this is TO BE CONTINUED...