Monday, 7 September 2015

DOC - Sketch up

This presentation is about what I could create to help an endangered species. We are doing this because we went on a trip to Tiritiri Matangi (A sanctuary for endangered animals) and saw lots of endangered species in need of help. I have created 2 designs that I think could help the Takahe survive and regenerate. Here are 2 links to my reflections of the trip, Tiritiri Matangi & Tiritiri Matangi

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bang on time

1st game - level 8
2nd game - level 9
Today we played a time game called "Bang on time" and it is a game were you have to match up the correct time with the clock. There are different levels of speed going from 1-15 and obviously 15 is the highest speed. I picked level 8 at first and got a score of 9500 out of 10 question. But then I moved up to level 9 and got 10,000 (Which is the highest score you can get) in 10 questions. I was really happy with myself as no one else could get that high especially that it was on level 9. I then went onto level 13 and got another score of 10,000. I actually found it kind of easy it was just the timing to get it into the specific place.
3rd game - Level 13