Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What do kids have for dinner?

Today I have been wondering about what kids have for dinner. What do you have for dinner?

The Balloon Experiment

Here is my presentation about the balloon experiment.

Monday, 29 July 2013

The fireworks

At the end of the Matariki light show the people who hosted it decided to add some firework.  It was awesome they were like little bombs. Sadly we didn’t get to go but we still saw it at our house and the view was much better.

Friday, 19 July 2013

how to make bonaffee pie YUMMY!

My sister and I made bonaffee pie and it was fun we wished that we could make something else but mum said no we hope you enjoy our movie.

My speech on Sunday.

On Sunday I am going to do a speech at the atiu hall it is a giant church I will be standing in front of hundreds of people. Let me guess your saying wow shes not afraid of doing it in front of hundreds of people well here is your answer well I started doing it when I was four years old so I have been doing it for six years isn't that a LONG time. My speech will be said in cook Island isn't that cool and I learned it in only 1 day am I not awesome or am I awesome. My message is that believe in your self because you know you can do it like me I wasn't afraid when I was 4 years old instead It was fun because I got a treat after. so believe in your self when your in front of lots of people.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


WOW! have you been to the light’s in Glen Ines? Well you should go there luckily for you it’s going to stay there until Saturday. The light’s are here for a reason and do you know what that reason is? Well if you guessed Matariki you are correct and if you go down there you would see A sign and it say’s Matariki. I love light’s especially when they're shared with everyone.

When I was there I saw beautiful light’s all over the place they were all sorts of colours it was like the people who set it up put there heart and soul into it. First we saw the bridge and it was decorated with beautiful hoop’s and it had a sign that said... yep you guessed it Matariki. I also saw A spirale it was red and yellow and ran through it. After running in it I got dizzy I got so dizzy that I nearly vomited. When I was there I saw Tame and Sione they were playing a game it looked fun but I couldn't play. Then we wanted to go on the bridge but the man said it was too slippery that was a bummer. That was so much fun it was like running through a tunnel of glowing lights floating in the air! I wish that we could've gone on the bridge it just looked so interesting with it’s bright blue light’s.

My favourite one was the hoop’s because they were colourful and it went from big to small spiraling will i ran through them. When we saw the disco ball my little sister wanted to go toilet so we had to go home I said I will stay and you guy’s can go then my mum said no we're going home now!. I wished that we didn’t go home. But when we got home I could smell yummy sandwiches calling my name maybe it wasn't that bad.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Te reo Maori competition

How to make a poi from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Here is our video for the te reo Maori competition. We hope you enjoy our movie.

My book review

Title:The Adventures of OOK GLUK Kung - fu cavemen from the future.

Author:George Bread and Harold Huchins

Characters (OOK, GLUK, little dinosaur, Wise new friend, pal, lilly, goppenopper.  They like to do kung - fu, Kung - fu, Goppenopper):

Setting (Dinosaur history. It’s a beautiful land with great cave ladys and cave men And kids. It has lots of trees and cool Dinosaurs all sorts of sizes But it is taken over by an evil villain named Goopenopper.  ):

What was the problem?
Pal and Lilly are in trouble but OOK and GLUK don’t know who took them. The boys are 500,001 Its pretty old. So they searched and searched until somebody named Gobstoper took them and now they think they know who took pal and Lilly. It was a guy from 2222 who came to get strong slaves And little Dinosaur was caught to But...

What was the solution?  The Business zapped the Villan so he could take over but the he started to fade and pal said You have killed your ancient great grandfather and then the guy said so what Pal said If he is dead, Then his children never existed. Neither did his grandchildren and neither do you.

Was there a plot twist? no

My favourite part of the book was? When GlUK and OOK get captured by a gorilla and then he felt a tap on his shoulder and when he looked he saw... Little Dinosaurs mum and then he put them down and ran away.

Would I read this book again? Of Course

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


             Here is my DLO that I did for my teacher it is all about the divers and seals similarities.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarltons

WOW! Today the year 5&6 went to kelly tarltons and it was awesome we saw all sorts of sea life creatures and penguins. Everybody was amazed about the fantastic animals because of the things they do and how they look. There were lots of people there and lots of things to do I love going to kelly tartans.Kelly tarltons is an aquarium for fish and other sea life creatures
Here is the shark

Here is a photo of Arianan and her friend 
When I was there I saw penguins I thought they were cute but the cutest thing there were then clownfish who knew they were so tiny they're like little krill. I also saw cool sharks in this giant tank and it has big stingrays in it. Did you know there is a shark and it is weird because it looked like a giant lion fish but I forgot what it was called.

We were lucky because we got to take our netbooks but we didn’t really go on it. My favourite thing about kelly tarltons is everything. But what I thought was the best is seeing the sting ray. My friend Ariana liked the fake shark because she liked to hide from her friends in it.

I love going to kelly tarltons and I also love trips with my netbook. Thanks teachers for the best trip ever. We're looking towards our next trip please say we get to take our netbook to that trip to.