Thursday, 7 April 2016


Tonight, Pt England School is going to have it’s annual Fiafia where all the students families can come and watch their child perform. Fiafia has been happening ever since 1996 and had been happening every second year. 2013 and 2014 are the only 2 years we had fiafia in a row. There are various cultural groups performing as well as Hip Hop, Circus Circus, Rock Band and Western. Today is just a run through of where the groups have to sit and what order they go in to perform.

This year I have decided to join Niuean. The first time I performed for fiafia I was in the Cook Island group. First we practised every Thursday but these 2 weeks we have been practising Monday through to Thursday every time after lunch. We have been practising in Miss Lavakula classroom. In my group I am a leader with Ashley, Juliet, Stevenson, Dartanian and T.J. My role is to show all the dance moves to the kids who don’t remember it and to yell luie before we do our dance.

Our Item song is Together For Generations, a haka made by Dartanians mum and a welcoming song. The last time we did it it took us 4 minutes and 36 seconds. Juliet, Ashley and I came up with some of the dance moves for Together For Generations. I am in the second row directly in the middle.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the delicious food stalls and watching my friends performance. Sadly it’s only my sister, my dad and I going because my big sister has to stay back and look after my mum as she is pregnant.

Monday, 4 April 2016

How I learn and How my parents Learn

Doing this compare and contrast has made me understand that we are very lucky to be learning on chromebooks and that we should be very appreciative.


MTV - Group - P.A.K.H from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This term my extension class has been working on making a MTV for the ambassadors at our school. Sadly we took to long so Mrs Lagitupu made one herself using the song from the year 8's prize giving. But the MTV were still useful for our school news and to show off for visitors. We marked them last week and showed them in front of the whole class. My group, Ariana, Presayus and heather worked on changing the lyrics to my house. so we changed it to our school. It's mainly about how we learn at our school and what we do. We loved creating this movie and we hope you enjoy.

Friday, 1 April 2016


Today room 3 discussed what identity is and people who know there identity and people who don't. I was thinking that identy was just about your name and all that but its more about were you come from. Here are a list of words for people who do know there identity and don't. We drew a body and split into 2 and drew know your identity and unsure or unclear of your identity. 

GEGNZ (Full version)

GEGNZ stands for Google Education Groups New Zealand.  This is just a short story of what I was presenting about there.

Image result for mobile learning centreOn Wednesday I went on a trip for GEGNZ at Hobsonville point primary. We went there to present about how we create PENN, the Point England News Network. I was in a group of 8, PaigeLesieliAnaJosephineStevenson and Jordan.

We had different presentations to see. But first we got our goodie bags and then we went into the mobile learning centre. This van was full of technology like laptops ipad and more. The most fascinating item was the Samsung goggles, when you put your Samsung phone into a special pare of goggles.

Image result for kahootBefore moving onto the next station we went to the gym to be told were to go. After that we moved onto the next station were they were talking about Kahoot, an online game of were you can create your own questions and share it with your friend then your friends have to answer the questions. This took 45 minutes. When that was all over it was time for morning tea.

We were told that is was our turn to present.So we went to our station were we set up with a apple T.V we had a presentation ready We went one at a time explaining the steps of ho we make PENN. As soon as we finished we decided to help them make there own PENN except it was going to be called HPPNN, Hobsonville point primary news network.
(The full version will be up soon)

School Karakia

Ashley And Khaia from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Here is an animation of what our school karakia sounds and looks like. I worked together with Ashley and this is how it turned out.