Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spend, Share & Save

This presentation is about what saving is and how we can save our money. You will see a slide that says to "List ten things people save for" this was my favourite slide to do because it was really easy. There are 4 questions we had to answer and tomorrow the rest will be answered.

Google (Smart Surfing)

Friday, 14 August 2015


GEGNZ stands for Google Education Groups New Zealand.  This is just a short story of the GEGNZ trip.

Image result for mobile learning centreOn Wednesday I went on a trip for GEGNZ at Hobsonville point primary. We went there to present about how we create PENN, the Point England News Network. I was in a group of 8, PaigeLesieliAnaJosephineStevenson and Jordan.

We had different presentations to see. But first we got our goodie bags and then we went into the mobile learning centre. This van was full of technology like laptops ipad and more. The most fascinating item was the Samsung goggles, when you put your Samsung phone into a special pare of goggles.

Image result for kahootBefore moving onto the next station we went to the gym to be told were to go. After that we moved onto the next station were they were talking about Kahoot, an online game of were you can create your own questions and share it with your friend then your friends have to answer the questions. This took 45 minutes. When that was all over it was time for morning tea.

We were told that is was our turn to present.So we went to our station were we set up with a apple T.V we had a presentation ready We went one at a time explaining the steps of ho we make PENN. As soon as we finished we decided to help them make there own PENN except it was going to be called HPPNN, Hobsonville point primary news network.
(The full version will be up soon)