Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Movie

This is a movie about Malawi and New Zealand. I have made this for Year 5 & 6 Extension. It is to show what we have been learning over the past few weeks. Please Enjoy!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Part 3 (The Girl With The Mysterious Powers)

As angelina strolled out of the apartment her friend who was wearing a black coat lifted her hood so angelina wouldn't know it was her. When Angelina finally left the stranger clamped her foot against the door to stop it from closing. Katniss ( The girl ) is an old friend of Angelina who wanted to know more about her friend so she  walked in and had a little snoop around. She got a fright when she saw the strange piece of art. This caused her to bump into one of Angelina’s vase’s. She couldn't help but notice a little red button. She pressed it and acted like she bumped into it. A entry opened and filled the air with  the smell of chemicals and something else.

Katniss yelled, “Is anyone in here?” The old lady then started banging on the cell yelling, “Over here!” Katniss went closer and closer and closer to the light and switched it on. She saw the old lady grab something out of her pocket and tell her to come closer.  She gave Katniss a potion full of all the powers and said, “Drink up you have to stop Angelina I am giving you all of the powers and I need you to train as hard as you can and beat Angelina because she is  turning into a villain” Katniss took the responsibility and drank it. The old lady had a look at her hand and saw vomit. The old lady was so hungry that she ate it! It tasted like chicken sandwiches with mold on it. Katniss yelled YUCK!

After the old lady ate the vomit Katniss lifted the bottle to her lips and took a sip and said  it taste like lemon lime and something else… KEEP IN TOUCH TO SEE PART 4

Monday, 23 June 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Monday, 16 June 2014

Part 2 of The Girl With The Mysterious powers

Angelina strolled down the dark alleyway until she came across a sensor on the side of the building. As she went closer to it she started to count to see how long until the lady came or if she even coming. Ten seconds later the old lady appeared out of no where once again. As soon as she showed up Angelina was no where to be seen all of a sudden she heard a scream and something heavy hit her head and it made her unconscious. Angelina quickly got up and dragged the body to her car. Angelina tries to push her in but had no luck until the second time she tried.

The lady finally woke up but she woke up to dim lights shining right at her face blinding her. She then hears a voice and screams who’s there. Angelina then say’s, “Don’t worry i’m wont hurt you I I I I just wanted you to make some more of those positions for me please” She was saying it like she was a little kid. She finally goes back to her real voice as soon as the lady said NO! Angelina went close to her face and says  one more time, “Make more of the potions” But no luck once again then she takes a quick whiff and her smell then just dies of the ladies breath. Angelina had no choice but to lock her up in her secret room.

Angelina throws her  in an hour later and locks the door and slides the key into her pocket and walks up stairs back into her apartment. It then went pitch black in the jail cell when all of a sudden the lady touches something gross and gooey… STAY IN TUNE TO SEE WHAT THE OLD LADY TOUCHES IN PART 3.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mrs Browns Life On The Titanic

It was the third day on the titanic at 11:30 Mrs brown Stood in the hallway with her boys getting bumped around. Jono(The oldest child) Says,
“hurry up mum were gonna die if we just stand here like a bunch of eggs” As he is talking Mrs Brown grasped his hand and tells him to shh. Suddenly saying, “Nothing's going to happen just remember that this is unsinkable so won't die” Jono replies by saying, “while then why are we tilted and tell me why we are listing and why everyone is running  around?”
Mrs Brown clicks but before she could move she got pushed and nearly fell off the ship.

She got pushed away from her boys. She then got up and went in search for them hoping that Jono was looking after her little brother. She then bumps into Betty Who. Betty Who said, “I was feeling sea sick so I decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air. I felt a bump and running feet. I decided to see what had happened. I couldn’t tell but we must of hit something. All I could see was ice on the deck.”  Me too but could you please help me find my kids .

They went in search of them but the deck filled with the smell of vomit rotting which made them vomit.Suddenly she felt a hand grab her lift her up and put her in a boat .She then yells, “No no no I need to look for my kids!” The guy then says, “Are you talking about two little boys” Mrs Brown yells, “Yes Yes thats them have you seen them?” He then said , “yes they went on boat 7” Mrs  Brown was so thankful that they were safe. She then got rowed away happily and that was the end of her story. When she gats home she is reunited with her children.