Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Evans 1st birthday.

On saturday the 2nd of march it was my baby cousin Evans birthday he was turning one years old. When I tried to hold him he cried because he thought I was stanger. For his birthday we went to Valentines in Pakuranga their was alot of people. We got him a truck for his present and my cousin got him a play phone I know because I heard it playing and it wouldn't stop, it was funny because we all heard it. 
When I first saw the cake I was amazed because it was a Pocoyo cake it had detail like cars and animals. After looking at it I got hungry and couldn't wait so I ate the cup cake that was on the table.  It had sprinkles and a dinosaur on it it was scrumptious. 
My uncle and some of my auntys did a speech about Evan and his milestones.  After Uncle said the prayer I raced to the food and I saw... 
French fries, Pasta, Butter chicken, Garlic bread and ice cream that wasn't all there was alot more. As I was waiting in line on the corner of my eye I spotted Pork ribs YUMMY!, and I ran straight for it but the line was  long  so I had to wait and wait until finally I got to it . On my plate I had Butter chicken, Ribs, Fries and rice it was so yum that I had to go up for a second plate. When I was kinda full I went and got some Ice cream, it was vanilla flavored and it tasted like how petrol smells! GROSS!, but luckily the chocolate one tasted like chocolate that one was better. 

When it was time to blow out the candles we sang happy birthday but Evan  didn't want to blow out his candles  so his mum did YAY!  Then when it was time to slice the cake it had all these different layers like white for vanilla and brown for chocolate. As I took a bite into the cake it tasted like a strawberry dipped in chocolate it was DELICIOUS!

As I picked up my little sister I forgot to get me a hot chocolate so I gave her back to dad and went and got it. When it was time to leave we each got our goodie bags and it came with two bags of lollies that were yum. mini chocolate bars and small toys. The best toy was the spinning top because me and my little sister kept having  a competition and I kept winning.There was also a game room there but it was really small and tight but I didn't care. But when it got crowded I started to care so I got out.

I felt sad because we had to go home because it was only two hours long, but happy because I got a cool lolly bag and I had a great time. So the next time we go to Valentines I can  get some more cake and maybe it will be on my birthday so I can get the gifts and stuff. I like having dinner at Valentines "do you"? 


  1. Hello Khaia mummy here..

    well done on this blog you hardly needed any editing! keep it up and soon i wont be checking any of your work. By the way Valentines was yummy but i prefer Glenfield cos we all know why that is..STEAK! mmmm

    love mum x

    1. I know its not the best but its near the best. love you from Khaia

  2. yes i do khaia! This is such a funny story khaia. lol."spotted Pork ribs, YUMMY". hilarious.


  3. Hi Khaia, tried to leave a comment last night..instead Aunty rina went to sleep hungry after reading your story, heheheh yummmm! ps love your top ;-)

  4. TasiRiyah and Evan6 March 2013 at 14:16

    Ngaw thanks heaps neicey !awesome blog ,loved everything you wrote . Geeze way better writig than me when i was your age . Haha ,anyways Valentines was so cool . Glad that yous all came . Love Evan ,Riyah uncle and aunty .xoxo
    Ps ,what happened to our photo . LOL ,love you Khaia !

  5. Sorry it was video not a photo. Ps lots of love Khaia.

  6. Hi Khaia

    what a a fun day you had at the 1 birthday

    from elizabeth g Ps well done

  7. whoa you can write for ages ope you had fun

  8. Hi Khaia ,
    Wow what a cool day that you had

    from Liz g

    feed free to visit my bloghttp://peselizabethg.blogspot.co.nz


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