Thursday, 7 March 2013

My test

I couldn’t wait for the test until my sister was saying it was really hard but I got over it.
When I heard it was time for a test I was scared because I thought it would be hard just buy thinking about my sister but I was wrong it was kinda easy. I hoped I wouldn’t get a low mark.

Starting the maths test was easy because I did the practise questions  first and they weren't hard. But when it came to the real test I was scared and then I felt brave and finished it in 40 minutes. I was happy.

But the next day we had to do a reading test hopefully that wouldn’t be so hard. But I was wrong it was hard but not too hard. One of the questions was a skateboarding one  now how to skateboard but luckily it had a story FEW!

I think I should work on thinking about the questions and making sense. After all of the tests I felt great because it was over and done with.  I hope I get a good score.


  1. Brilliant Khaia! You will absolutely do well in all your tests! I know this because you try hard in everything you do. You will ACE ALL YOUR TESTS and come out at the top PROUD!! I'm proud just being your mum :) Well done Khaia and i cannot wait to see your results! WOOHOO YOU GOT THIS!


    1. Thanks mum I love you and yeah I think I got this I love you.

  2. I bet you did fantastically magnificently great


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