Monday, 30 March 2015


It was a cold morning down on Pt England beach when all the Manaiakalani schools showed up one by one. I had a special role to play in the event. I got the opportunity to film the event that happened. I actually got to partner up with Lucy as part of the Pt England Videographer crew. You must be wondering what was the event well it was that the Hokule’a and Hikianalia were coming to Pt England's very beach. We were told to stand either on the ramp or on the sand standing next to the ramp. As soon as we got down there the ramp was full of adults so we had no choice but to set up on the sand.

It finally started and the Hokule'a was sitting on the surface of the water probably about 12 metres away and it began to come in. As soon as that happened we all began to shout our ‘E Oho’ chant and after that was finished we sang ‘He Honore’. We did that twice.

The Hokule’a got closer and closer but it didn’t come in to close as it might have gotten stuck. Following up after it was Hikianalia and there were actually 2 Pt England students on the waka with a teacher and their names are Mrs Lagitupu, Paige and Collin. As I gazed at them coming back I saw that they all got their shoes wet because they came back on a boat that didn’t come in enough and they jumped out of the boat knowing that there was water below.

Initially the Hokule’a crew came out and greeted us with each of their names and then they all sang a song from their culture Hawaiian of course. About 5 minutes later everybody stood up and as they did that the whole Hokule’a crew got into a line and the schools got to shake their hands.

It was a privilege for the Waka’s to come to Pt England's very beach they didn’t have to come to Pt England but they did and this is a once in a lifetime event. I am so grateful to be a Pt England Extension Student because the special things we do we will always be apart of it.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Dictation Practise

Once again, pig and wolf came face to face and things aren't looking to good for the pigs. Who will protect the emperor? Is there anyone who will answer his high pitched squeal for help? Anyone at all? Better bang bong that gong, Ping Pong!

I am Oinky No Hoe, Adviser to the great emperor Ping Pong and priest of the monastery of Wu-dah-ling. I am her to tell you of the Kung-Fu Pigs,and of how they fought to defend our lands against the most evil traitor, the crimson trotter (He who keeps the company of the wolves). In this tale you will learn of bandits and of foul play. Of magic swords and evil spells. and so, honourable stranger, let us begin...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Video Chat With Hawaiian Schools

Screenshot 2014-06-06 05.50.17.png
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.32.56 AM.pngWe had a special little conference with a different school this morning Which were Kea'au elementary school and Nanakuli Elementary school. You may not know them as they are a school located in Puna district on the Island of Hawaii.

We started at 8:30am in the morning.  The first class we talked to was Kai's Class from Nanakuli Elementary school they showed us a lot about them selves and that they were so excited to meet us. In fact there were 2 classes video chatting with us from the same school. They told us that all there learning is only taught in Hawaiian which I found very fascinating.

We also spoke to 1 class from Kea'au Elementary school which were 5th graders. They didn't just have Hawaiian student at there school but also Filipino, Portugese, Japanese, Puerto, Rican, Chinese, Bemba, Irish, Zambia, American, Italian and Mexican. They also showed us a little story about a volcano they call Pele which is the also the fire goddess that erupted.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.17.31 PM.png We did this because as you should know the Hokule'a, a double hauled canoe, is coming to Pt Englands very beach and what other way to learn about Hawaii than talking to classes from there. I was very interested in Kea'au tsunami museum. They said that there was a tsunami came and washed out the entire town. They say that they can still find bits of china glass on their beaches.