Monday, 25 February 2013


My dad and I LOVE Nerf guns. We have a big collection of them. My dad and I love to shoot my sisters and my mum and we all have fun shooting each other. When I came back from the Cook Islands my dad had purchased 2 new nerf guns. One is called a long strike cs-6 and the other one is a recon cs-6. They're pretty long. My favourite one is the long strike cs-6 because its long, blue and its a sniper gun. Next time I hope we get the vulcan ( picture on the right ) because it shoots 25 bullets at one time so when we have a contest I can shoot the furtherest and that means I'll have the coolest gun.

I have all sorts of nerf guns from big ones to small ones to long ones.

My dad bought me a barricade rv-10 and himself one but he modifyed his one to make the bullets go faster, harder and further. He also modifyed the blue long strike cs-6 but he forgot to put the spring back in. Uh-oh! Now it makes a big noise everytime you shoot it and it hurts the ears.

I have two small buckets full of nerf bullets, but each gun has its own bullets. Sometimes some bullets will work in one gun when another wouldn't work at all in the other guns. So you have to have the right bullets all the time. My sisters gun has the sticky bullets that stick to your clothes, thats my mums favourite one. Some bullets when you fire it it whistles. So thats pretty cool.

One sunny weekend my family and I had a nerf war at my nana and grandpas place in Grey Lynn. There were two teams, the one at the bottom were the older people my dads team and the ones at the top were the kids, my team. I kept getting my uncle Nat in the head with my barricade rv-10. nek minute my dad shoots me in the face and the leg but I got revenge, i got him in the head and stomach a few times. Don't worry the bullets are foam and doesn't really hurt. We played till it was dark and was really fun. I wish I had my glow in the dark bullets but I lost them all one night at home playing with my dad in the dark. When my cousins left to go home, my auntys and mum joined me but I left them and went with my other aunty that was alone. About twenty minutes later we started to chuck water gloves down like water balloons but we kept missing everyone and some didn't burst open.

We also had a nerf war at my house and it was funny. I had my gun the barricade rv-10 and the rest had the other guns. My dad and I was in one team and we stayed down stairs while Shoal, mum and Cree went up on the stairs. They were lucky because they had a better view and better angles to shoot at us. "READY SET GO!" I yelled as I was getting ready to shoot. My mum had the maverick-rev6 and she kept waisting her bulletts but dad is smart he knows how to use his bullets carefuly. My dad and I made ourselves a shield with the kitchen chairs and also cushions and my baby sisters play mat. I went up close to their barrier to get a better shot . When shoal stuck her gun out BAM! I got her in the eye poor Shoal but thats the point of the game. When it was near the end we just went all out and ran up the stairs shooting my mum and sisters. I think we played for 2hours but that was a fun day.

As you can see my dad and I are NERF FREAKS. I just put the names of the guns in so you know what they are called if you want to look in the shops. I just call them all nerf guns. My sister even has a orange nerf scooter and I have a nerf Ipod speaker doc.

Does anyone else have nerf guns collection like my dad and I? let me know in the comments.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Swimming lessons

Doing back stroke was hard because water kept splashing on my face and it also went in my mouth.
When I opened my eyes under water they started to sting and turned red while I was doing freestyle.
Dripping wet I hopped out of the pool shivering,when I got changed  I was still freezing and my teeth were chattering.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Christmas holiday in the Cook islands 2012

On the first day of Christmas my family and I went on a plane to the Cook islands for a reunion. I was sad and happy at the same time. I was sad because my mum, dad and my two little sisters couldn't come because dad had work but I was also happy because I was going to meet new cousins.

"Off we go" said nana. I was so excited! My cousin vere was crying because she didn't want to go she wanted to stay with her mum but nana already paid for her ticket. "Bye mum" I said as I walked closer to the door with a frown on my face. Off we went flying into the air on the Virgin Australia. Three hours later we arrived in Rarotonga. The airport was packed full of holiday makers.  We stayed in Rarotonga overnight at my Auntys house and left for Mangaia, one of the 15 islands that make up the Cook Island for a family reunion on my nanas side. The Cook islands is a day behind and an hour behind so it was the 25th of December when we left, so was very strange when the day we left for Mangaia it was the 25th again, like I went back in time and had two Christmas days!

When we arrived in mangaia we all went to sleep. Our accomodation was at a School in mangaia and we all slept in class rooms. The classrooms had bugs on the ceiling and they were everywhere. One fell on my ear and one fell on my lip so i learnt to sleep with them above me.  Every day was kind of the same like we always do a devotion prayer with the other familys before breakfast and after dinner. Familys were assigned duties like dishes, cooking the food , cleaning the showers and toilets and cleaning the grounds. I wasn't given any duties to do because i was too young.

Mangaia was beautiful, we met alot of our familys from all over the world for the reunion. The reunion was mostly about our familys. They even had a geneology on where everyone was related. We also had an unveiling for our great ancestors. There was a lot of food. We had chicken, cornbeef, chopsuey, taro, mamio thats this taro dish and other food. The reunion went on for a week. We celebrated a haircutting ceremony, thats when a boy reachers a certain age and gets his hair cut and becomes a young man. We also attended a 1st birthday and some of the locals came and brought food for our family.

One morning we went on a truck ride around the whole island. We saw old graves, hills and lakes. The best part was going to the airport because you could see the waves crashing on the rocks and the birds fighting over fish because the airport was next to the sea. After that we left then we went to feed the pigs and get our things ready for bed.

One of the days on Mangaia we went to the wharf, it was really rough. Too rough for me but my uncles dived right in. I went to the waterhole next to the wharf with my sister Shoal and cousin Vere. I started to collect sea snails so my nana could eat them. GROSS! We got bored so we went home.

It was boiling hot some days and some times we had to walk to the shop to get a drink and cornchips. Whenever this happened i'd always get corntos chips. After that we went back home and had a rest. Later on in the day the bell would ring for lunch or dinner. That day we planned out who was leaving first and who was leaving last. The first ones to leave were some of my aunties, my sister Shoal and baby cousin Hyrum then the rest of us left the next day back to Rarotonga.

The last day on Mangaia we just relaxed and waited for our flight .It only takes 30mins to fly from Mangaia to Rarotonga. I enjoyed my stay in Mangaia but i was looking forward to the beaches in Rarotonga as Mangaia didn't have any beaches.

When we arrived in Rarotonga we waited for my aunty Maina and Uncle Tokana and my aunties that left first to pick us up. I was excited to see all my cousins on Rarotonga and some of my auntys and uncles who live there. In Rarotonga we mostly went to a shop called Wigmores to buy ice cream for 2 dollars and swam at the local beach. I caught up with my cousins and spoke to my auntys and uncles. We went to one of my familys the Hermans to celebrate everyone who had birthdays in December and January.

One of the days in Rarotonga my family and I went to watch my Uncle PK play soccer as he was picked to play for the Cook Island football association (CIFA). But he was injured so had to be rushed to the hospital. He was ok though.

Our stay on Rarotonga was coming to an end and I was looking forward to seeing my parents again and my two little sisters.

The day before we were leaving back to New Zealand my nana bought my cousin and I a dress to wear back to Auckland they where so pretty, I got an orange one and Vere got a blue one. My family went and did some shopping. I bought my mum a pareu and my dad a magnet and key ring and my two little sisters a dress each.

When it was time to go we all went in different cars. I was sad to leave Rarotonga but was excited to see my parents and little sisters again. I miss my family in both islands and hope to return again some day.

This was my holiday in the Cook Islands from 25th December 2012 to Jan 28th of 2013