Monday, 25 March 2013


Today I have been learning about compensation please leave a comment about how me and ana did wrong and what we did right.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


On Sunday 10th of March Ana, Puwai and I were the only people doing pit crew for our team. The other three team members didn't show up. We tried to keep each other hydrated. We had to work all day for seven hours it was exhausting.

As we kept racing down and up for the car, our hearts were beating very fast but we had no problem. Our job as pit crew was hard. We had to polish the car so it could cut through the air like a falcon hawk. We also had to protect the driver from the sun because he was wearing black long sleeve and long black pants and we had to encourage them to have a great race. Our  four drivers were Stevenson, Sione, Harlem and Jalen.

As we weighed the car we had to add weights when the driver is light and take weights out when was too heavy, as each driver had to weigh certain amount to race. It is better when you add more weights because you go faster. Stevenson was the fastest driver in our team. He came 4th in the finals and made it into the championship. Awesome stuff  Stevenson. We are all excited to go to the championships in Whangaparoa but it is in 20 days, that's a little to long to wait but very excited to go with my team and my family.

Thank you Mr J for letting me be part of the Soap Box Derby for the year 2013.  My dream for next year is to become a Soapbox Derby driver so I can go racing down steep hills and come first and get us not only to the championships but to the world finals, that would be awesome!

Monday, 18 March 2013

camp concert

Op Stars from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo. This is the camps concert in the hall leave some feed back on how we did enjoy.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


When I heard it was cooking time I wondered what we would cook. Can you guess what we were cooking?             It was afgans. We used flour, corn flakes and sugar there were more stuff like cocoa. This was my favourite activity well my second because we have swimming and thats my favourite.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Nga Manawa

This is a little presentation about nga manawa that we have been learning about in reading.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

My test

I couldn’t wait for the test until my sister was saying it was really hard but I got over it.
When I heard it was time for a test I was scared because I thought it would be hard just buy thinking about my sister but I was wrong it was kinda easy. I hoped I wouldn’t get a low mark.

Starting the maths test was easy because I did the practise questions  first and they weren't hard. But when it came to the real test I was scared and then I felt brave and finished it in 40 minutes. I was happy.

But the next day we had to do a reading test hopefully that wouldn’t be so hard. But I was wrong it was hard but not too hard. One of the questions was a skateboarding one  now how to skateboard but luckily it had a story FEW!

I think I should work on thinking about the questions and making sense. After all of the tests I felt great because it was over and done with.  I hope I get a good score.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Evans 1st birthday.

On saturday the 2nd of march it was my baby cousin Evans birthday he was turning one years old. When I tried to hold him he cried because he thought I was stanger. For his birthday we went to Valentines in Pakuranga their was alot of people. We got him a truck for his present and my cousin got him a play phone I know because I heard it playing and it wouldn't stop, it was funny because we all heard it. 
When I first saw the cake I was amazed because it was a Pocoyo cake it had detail like cars and animals. After looking at it I got hungry and couldn't wait so I ate the cup cake that was on the table.  It had sprinkles and a dinosaur on it it was scrumptious. 
My uncle and some of my auntys did a speech about Evan and his milestones.  After Uncle said the prayer I raced to the food and I saw... 
French fries, Pasta, Butter chicken, Garlic bread and ice cream that wasn't all there was alot more. As I was waiting in line on the corner of my eye I spotted Pork ribs YUMMY!, and I ran straight for it but the line was  long  so I had to wait and wait until finally I got to it . On my plate I had Butter chicken, Ribs, Fries and rice it was so yum that I had to go up for a second plate. When I was kinda full I went and got some Ice cream, it was vanilla flavored and it tasted like how petrol smells! GROSS!, but luckily the chocolate one tasted like chocolate that one was better. 

When it was time to blow out the candles we sang happy birthday but Evan  didn't want to blow out his candles  so his mum did YAY!  Then when it was time to slice the cake it had all these different layers like white for vanilla and brown for chocolate. As I took a bite into the cake it tasted like a strawberry dipped in chocolate it was DELICIOUS!

As I picked up my little sister I forgot to get me a hot chocolate so I gave her back to dad and went and got it. When it was time to leave we each got our goodie bags and it came with two bags of lollies that were yum. mini chocolate bars and small toys. The best toy was the spinning top because me and my little sister kept having  a competition and I kept winning.There was also a game room there but it was really small and tight but I didn't care. But when it got crowded I started to care so I got out.

I felt sad because we had to go home because it was only two hours long, but happy because I got a cool lolly bag and I had a great time. So the next time we go to Valentines I can  get some more cake and maybe it will be on my birthday so I can get the gifts and stuff. I like having dinner at Valentines "do you"? 

Friday, 1 March 2013

My baby sister!

This is my baby sister Kensi and shes nearly eleven months old. She was born on the 20th of April 2012, next month is her birthday. Shes my favourite sister because she is realy cute and she can crawl like shes climbing a mountin. I love it when I wake up in the morning and shes standing there with my mum smiling at me. Do you Know who she was named after? she was named after a actor on NCIS, shes my dads favourite actor on there. I have three sisters but I think Kensi is the cutest. When she eats we call her bottemless pit because she eats alot. I LOVE my baby sister Kensi so much.