Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Ratio's and Proportions

This presentation is about Ratios and Proportions.
WALT: Identify ratios and proportions within equations.

Think Board

This is my think board.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Lisa Carton - Narrative

The sun had just risen at Nurkhood Valley revealing all things that were once dark. It was Lisa Carton’s biggest day as it was going to be her longest row in her canoe in a short amount of time. So far the fastest she had rowed was 10 minutes for her 1km. But today she felt she could break that record and go for around 9 minutes. She packed her car and set off to Ducky sea.

She arrived at 9:32am at Ducky Sea, her favourite beach. Ducky sea was her favourite beach because it was where she set her record for the fastest 1km time. She screamed and rushed over to the shower to get wet. She unpacked her car and put sunscreen on. Placing her canoe in the sea she couldn’t help overhearing a group of men talking about the great waves and being careful. She interrupted them by asking, “What do you mean, be careful?” They all replied, “Just be careful and don’t go out that far!” She questioned it for a second but soon got over it. She placed her canoe in the water and hoped in clipping her paddle to her canoe so it wouldn’t drift away if she capsized.
She was about 10 metres away from land and started thinking about what the mens were talking about when on land. She soon forgot when she saw flying fish jumping over her. She stopped and stared in amazement before moving further on. She looked at her watch and saw it read 40m from land at 10:00am. This was more than enough space for her to start her 1km row. There were 2 buoys separated with a 500 m gap. So if she went to the second buoys and back it would add up to 1km. She knew this because it was where she had done her fastest time.
While on the sea Lisa saw a pod of dolphins swimming like they were in danger so she decided to follow them to see what was happening. She followed them for just one minute and then they disappeared under the sea. She sat in her canoe worried and decided to try and paddle back to the buoys.
But then something hit her canoe but she wasn’t worried because she thought it was a dolphin but then it hit again but even harder. She knew straight away it wasn’t a dolphin. She looked over her canoe and saw a long sharp fin sticking out of the water. She panicked and then the shark hit again. Lisa capsized and she quickly grabbed her canoe and hopped on top of it. She grabbed her paddle and sat in shock on her canoe. She had no clue of what to do and saw one of the men had come back because they left their clothes on the beach. She screamed as loud as she could getting the attention and the man saw the fin sticking out of the water. He pulled out his phone and called the cops telling them all about it. Lisa sat there worried and her canoe took another hit pushing her off it again. The shark had broken a sharp piece of her canoe giving her something she could use to defend her self with.
She sat scared on her canoe. She saw the shark pop his fin out of the water and without thinking she jumped out of her canoe stabbing it’s back multiple times. She kept doing it while holding onto it’s’ fin. Just in time the helicopter showed up and shot the shark with a hook gun killing it. They let down a ladder where Lisa could climb up. She sat in the helicopter in shock dazing off slowly.
She was the luckiest person to have survived a shark attack. But then she remembered she didn’t start her 1km row. Without a care she sighed with relief.

Lisa Carrington

This presentation is about what people who do sprint canoe use to train, what they eat and what they drink.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


This presentation is about 4 of the accidents that happened at this years Rio Olympics.

Monday, 1 August 2016


This week my numeracy class have been learning about decimals.