Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Malawi and NZ menu's

These are  breakfast menu's from NZ and Malawi. We are comparing NZ breakfast menu's to what Malawi people eat for breakfast. Did you know 1 kwacha (Malawi Money) is 18 cents in NZ that is really cheap. Kwacha is pronounce like this Kwa - cher just incase you didn't know.

These are the differences:
We have more varieties of food then them because they mostly have the same things over and over again. Another thing I have come to understand is that we sell more expensive stuff but they have cheap stuff because they don't have enough money. Last but not least is that we don't pump our water it just runs in taps but they have to do it because they have no water systems. And NZ have more fatty food but Malawi have healthy stuff like vegetables and rice.

These are the similarities:(There are not many similarities)
First we both have water which is really good. We both also have vegetables to make us healthy. 

I have come to understand that people in Malawi don't have Varieties of food un like us. They also do not eat a lot of meat, They have to keep the goats and chicken for weddings and funerals. One last thing is that their money is very cheap in New Zealand, Did you know 1 kwacha is 18 cents in NZ. It is really cheap because they don't have enough money.


  1. Hi Khaia I really enjoyed reading your NZ menu it is full with delicious things! But when I look at your Malawi menu it looks plain.

  2. Hi Khaia

    I love your Menu's but it would of been better if there was more yum food in Malawi!
    Anyway it was a really good menu. I really learned lots.

    From Adriel

  3. HI Khaia,
    well I just had an amazing experience reading your information about the differences between new Zealand and Malawi well done!!

  4. Hi Khaia,

    I didn't know that 1 kwacha (Malawian Money) is 18 cents in NZ

  5. Great work Khaia, I think it's really good that your writing about some other country that you haven't even been to. Can't wait for your next post

  6. Hi Khaia,
    Nice menu I didn't know what Malawi's money was called until I read your story.
    And I like how you explained what they were.

    From Taimana

  7. Hi Khaia

    I love how you told us the Malawian currency too. Now that I have read this I can really know what it means to eat like a malawian. Keep up the good work.


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