Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My highlight Holiday

Have you ever watched Rio 2? Well I have. It all starts with my sisters, my mum and I parking in Sylvia park getting ready for the movies. We all strolled into the mall excitedly with happy smiles on our face’s. Me and my sisters were talking about the movie when Mum suddenly changes the subject and says, “Hey khaia look at this cool top for you, I think we should go shopping instead” All of us yelled, “ No!(even my little sister said it)” My mum says, “Ok ok we wont” we all went, “few that was close”

The first thing we did was go and get some food from pak n save because it costs to much at the movies. The first thing we got from there was drinks for we got water, then we got chips which were twists and russians and the last thing we got was popcorn.

Then we left and went to go and get our tickets. When we got there there was a very long line. they quickly jumped in line before no one else came. So while me and my sisters were waiting we went in to whitcoulls to read some books. 30 minutes later mum shows up with 4 tickets. Then we all leave.

While walking mum asks, “Who’s hungry” We all rushed in and yelled, “Me!” So we went to the food court it was now 3:30. We got our food me and kensi (My little sister) had butter chicken, Cree and Shoal had McDonald's And mum had veggies and noodles from tank. It was then 4:00 it took us that long to pick. We blessed our food and ate. When it was 4:15 we finished our food tidied up and left to the movies once more.

Finally the movie lanes opened and we went in excitedly. The movie took a few minutes to start but it was worth it. As it started we grabbed our food hungrily and shoved our mouths with food and drinks. It was really Delicious and mouth watering. My advise to you is don’t get your food from the movies get is from somewhere cheaper. You could even get the popcorn and go heat it up in the baby room. Juring watching the movie Mum told me to take Kensi up to the VIP chairs so she could lie down. When I got up there she was running all over the place and screaming so I grabbed her dummy angrily because I was trying to watch the movie and shoved it into her mouth. She was still running around so I grabbed my ipad and gave it to her and she finally stopped.

The movie finally finished and we were all happy and talking about our favourite bits. Mine was when they went to the Amazon and blue thought there was going to be a fight and they were just talking about soccer. I thought the movie was really good and that it was really interesting even though Kensi didn’t let me watch some of it but I still thought it was great. I hope you get a chance to watch it and if you have tell me what your favourite bit was in the comments.

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