Thursday, 15 May 2014

Titanic Research

Researching the Titanic

List some questions that you would like answered?
  1. What were the dimensions of the Titanic?
  2. What was the biggest cause of the sinking of the Titanic?
  3. What killed all the people?
  4. Why was it called the titanic?
  5. How many people built the titanic?
  6. How much does it weigh?(including passengers and petrole)
  7. What was their fastest speed?
  8. What did they eat?

Find your answers from the below websites:

Insert your information notes below:

Question 1 information:
The height of the Titanic is 175 ft. The length is 882 ft. The width is 28.19400m.
Question 2 information:
It was when the vessel hit the iceberg and it got holes in in it and sunk because it was full of water.
Question 3 information:
The cold water were they froze to death. Or they went down with the boat and couldn’t breath.
Question 4 information:
it was named after Titans who were powerful and strong Greek-Roman legends.
Question 5 information:
It took 3,000 people to build the whole thing. And it took 3 years to build it.
Question 6 information:
the ship weighed 46,00 tons. it was really big
Question 7 information:
Their highest speed was 24 knots. that was really fast.
Question 8 information:

They ate 75,000 lbs of meat and 101,00 pieces of fruit.

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