Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Test Writing

Do YOU know how to treat your friend respectfully? Well i'm here to tell you its easy as 1, 2, 3 . The things they want from you are simple. Just follow my rules and you'll be a good friend in no time.

First up is your friend doesn't want a someone whose boring and all they talk about is flowers and stuff. While lets throw that away and do something about it. Your friend wants someone who is interesting so lets liven it up a little. 1st, Talk about making up stories about cool things. Then tell them scary stories because everyone loves scary things.

The next thing a friend wants is for you to be kind. Here is a demonstration if they are stuck on some work help them and if they are sad you will be there to pick them up and look after them. If this is helping keep listening because next up is being reliable.

Now for reliable this helps because they might tell you a secret or ask you to help them at lunch when they have to do a job you will be there. If they do tell you a secret you have to swear to not tell anyone. When a friend is waiting for you after lunch and you don’t come this will spoil your friendship and that is a bad thing of course. But if you tell them why you didn’t come maybe she or he will forgive you. But if you tell about the secret your friendship will definitely be of or over.

Time for the conclusion. Has this told you a few steps on how to be a good friend? While if it has you are now a the best friend you can be and everybody will be racing to play with you. Just remember everyone likes a person who is interesting, kind, tells the truth and someone whose helpful.

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