Thursday, 29 August 2013

Reading interview

Today I was asked some questions listen to me to see how good I was.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My punctuation goal

Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross country

“OH NO! Cross country’s coming up and I don’t want to do it hopefully I will get to stay home” I said on Wednesday but I was wrong I had to go to school because of netball. It was a hot summers day and I was about to start the race it was nerve racking and I was shaking because I thought I would come last. But I never knew if I came last or in the middle. Until…

On Thursday It began my heart went into my throat and I was really scared because the track was really long and I thought it would be hard until I started off I went in 4th place but then DJ and Katrina ran past me putting me in 6th place but then I Started to sprint but they were too fast so I stayed there at least I was not coming last.

Then it came up to the muddy bits because it had been raining earlier in the day and I nearly fell over onto my face but luckily Iron was there to catch me HOORAY! But then I sprinted because I thought she was going to go past me. Then I started to sweat so I rested for a little bit but then I saw Iron catching up so I sprinted again and again and again.

Then it came to an end So I started to sprint up to the white blow up thing and cross it and guess  what I came…   7th YAY! I didn’t come last and it turned out well and then I got a glass of water and splashed it on my face. I was so proud of myself and hopefully I will come 2nd or 3rd next year.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Speech marks

Today kiwis group learned how to use speech marks but instead of doing it with Mr Marks we did it with Mr S. It was fun and know we know how to use speech marks and punctuation better. Thank you Mr S.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Miser

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a big cottage one day he sold all his stuff for a lump of gold and buried in a whole by the an old wall. A few weeks later one of his workman came over to observe his frequent visits he was observing misers moves then finally discovered the lump of gold so when the miser went off to the shop he dug up the gold and ran off. Then the miser got home to find bits of dirt everywhere and to find his precious gold vanished and sobbed. The next day his next door neighbour hear his crying and said put a stone where you put the gold then you while feel that it is still there the end.  

The moral of the story is to never leave a visitor at your house with no attention. To also never be dumb and sell your stuff when you know the money you get is going to be stolen. So if you think wherever you hide it know one will find it well you're wrong.

This relates to peoples life because we think visitors won't look for the money we have. And you think that selling your stuff helps you get rich well you might be wrong. So good luck.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Royal family

Here are all of the crews combined into one whole group and they came 1st YAY! It was for the mega crew and it is the 3rd time in a row that they came 1st.

Request family

Here are my two favorite dance crews Bubblegum and Sorority. They are part of the Request Family with Parris Goebel who is the leader of request dance crew. They all recently competed in the HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION IN LAS VEGAS USA and all teams did well.

There were three teams that entered in Parris's team and they were BUBBLEGUM, SORORITY AND THE ROYAL FAMILY. Bubblegum came second, Sorority came 3rd and The royal family came first. congrats to all CROWNS UP!

Monday, 12 August 2013


Here are some rhymes.

Plumb pie
Little jack sorner sat in the corner eating a plumb pie he stuck in his thumb pulled out a plumb and said what a good boy am I.

Little miss muffet
Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and way along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened miss muffet away.

Hicory dicory doc
Hicory dicory doc the mouse ran up the clock the clock struck one the mouse ran down hicory dicoy doc.

Humptey dumptey
humptey dumptey sat on a wall humptey dumptey had a great fall
all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put humpety toghteher again.

Little red riding hood

Once upon a time in a land far away there was a cute little girl her name was Little red riding hood they call her that because of the red hood she wears and her favourite colour is red. She had a mum who was really protective over her. She also had a granny who was very old and always got sick.

 One day her mum jenny told her that granny was sick and that she had to take a basket of goodies to her to get well and to not leave the path, To not talk to stranger and say hi to granny from mum. Little red riding hood was not good at remembering things so it was difficult to remember all that stuff

But she still set off to start her journey well she was walking she forgot what mum said as she was walking she saw strawberries as red as blood and picked them then she saw a beautiful yellow butterfly so she followed it and came across some big daisies well she was looking she saw a pair of beady eyes spying on her that was when she heard a voice say “we’re are you going little girl” She replied back and said “ to my granny’s house just down the road” but the eyes disappeared so she ran back to the path and started walking again.

20 minutes later, She got to her destination which was Granny's house and knocked on the door when she heard a voice say, “come in come in”. It was the wolf trying to hide his raged voice but little red riding hood didn’t know it was him and became curious and walked in saying, “granny what different voice you have” ,”because I am sick” the wolf replied. Little red riding hood finally said after a few minutes, “what big teeth you have.” The wolf tore the blankets off and said,  THE BETTER TO EAT YOU WITH”And little red riding hood ran as fast as she could but the wolf was too fast and ate her.

After that the hunter who was destine to catch the wolf stopped by to ask for a glass of water but when he looked through the window and there it was the wolf he loaded his shotgun and...
BAM BAM BAM! He aimed at the wolfs head and it exploded into a million pieces. The hunter got out his knife and chopped the wolfs tummy open and popped out was Little Red Riding Hood and granny they gave the hunter a glass of water and he said, “well we are not going to see that wolf again.” Then mum busted through the door yelling, “where's my baby” When she saw Little Red Riding Hood she cried with tears of joy. They lived happily ever after.
                        The end
The moral of the story is listen to you mum, stay on the right path and do not talk to strangers.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The hare and the tortoise

Once upon a time there was a land far away from here it was a hot scorching day and there lived a Hare and he was superb at showing off he was also great at winning at races because of his long springy legs and his name was speedy. There also lived a tortoise, badger, crow, fox and rat. They all loved playing together except the tortoise and fox, fox loved to hide and he thinks that he knows everything and tortoise well... He just sits under the tree munching on  bits of grass well dozing off to sleep so he really doesn’t do anything.

One day the hare was jumping up and down in the field of carrots when he saw the tortoise. He yelled out “Hey cabbage head what are you, lazy” When all of a sudden a orange head poked out of the hedge - rows “Ohh hello fox have I told you I can beat everyone in a race” shouted speedy “yes 1 milion times” said fox. “You do know he is eating grass and dozing off because he is going to hibernate soon” says fox “wow he must be the laziest person ever” Yells speedy. “Fine then he challenges you to a race” said fox The tortoise didn’t even stand up for himself or say no he just sat there dozing off to sleep well munching juicy bits of grass speedy said “OK but be warned I will win” “OK” said fox we will do it  from the meadow all the way to the top of the mountain tomorrow. “Fine”said speedy and then he ran off.

The next day was the big race everybody came to watch. “READY GET SET GO” yelled badger speedy gave tortoise a head start then after a few minutes ran into the apple forest. When he looked behind him there was no sign of the tortoise so he munched down a long piece of juicy grass and lay down and drifted off to sleep under the apple tree. 2 hours later... Speedy wok up and sprinted across the finish line. As told by the hare.

listen to ‘The hare and the tortoise by khaia’ on Audioboo