Monday, 19 August 2013

The Miser

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a big cottage one day he sold all his stuff for a lump of gold and buried in a whole by the an old wall. A few weeks later one of his workman came over to observe his frequent visits he was observing misers moves then finally discovered the lump of gold so when the miser went off to the shop he dug up the gold and ran off. Then the miser got home to find bits of dirt everywhere and to find his precious gold vanished and sobbed. The next day his next door neighbour hear his crying and said put a stone where you put the gold then you while feel that it is still there the end.  

The moral of the story is to never leave a visitor at your house with no attention. To also never be dumb and sell your stuff when you know the money you get is going to be stolen. So if you think wherever you hide it know one will find it well you're wrong.

This relates to peoples life because we think visitors won't look for the money we have. And you think that selling your stuff helps you get rich well you might be wrong. So good luck.

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