Monday, 26 May 2014

My life going down or is it?

It all started on the titanic. Reading a book on my bed drifting asleep. My hand fell off the bed and it was wet and cold. I woke up with a shiver going down my spine. I looked down and my hole room was filled with water. I got up to see if the toilet was clogged again. Hoping jeride didn’t bomb it again. But as soon as I  got out to fix the toilet I looked into the bowl and it was fine. The smell of rotten eggs filled the air though and made me blank out. I woke up straight away because of the cold water.

I felt a sudden urge that something was wrong I walked out to dime light from the lights on the ship. Everyone was screaming in panic. I then saw a little girl wrapped in blankets. The band tried calming the people down with cheerful music but nothing changed. I then started to panic too while searching around the whole boat for a rescue boat but they were all full.

I scanned the whole ship once more. to come across a grappling hook and asked myself, “What is a grappling hook doing on a ship” Then shrugged my shoulders and quickly grabbed it. But heard a scratching noise like the sound of a fork being scrapped against a plate. I grabbed the stuff and my ears and ran to the edge of the boat thinking I’m doomed I will never live. I quickly threw the hook onto the iceberg and climbed across to the berg. But before I climbed across I grabbed a firework thing and went across. Then I shot the firework and waited until someone came. One day later I froze before they came because I was so far away It would take 1 and a half days.

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