Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter egg hunt!

On easter Sunday my Aunty set up an easter egg hunt for my sisters, my cousins and I. I had trouble with my first clue but I still made it in the end. There weren't just eggs there were lollies too. The little ones had to look for pictures for there clues. We all received little easter bags and my first clue was in it. We had to find six clues in total.

As I was looking for my first clue I asked my aunty to help and the clue said "find your first clue underneath the stairs. The colour of the stair rhymes with crown" My aunty said "brown" look under the stairs outside. I saw it finally! I said as I was reading the second clue. The second clue said "Find the cupboard that holds shiny silver things you use to cook food in".

So I ran straight into the kitchen to look, my third clue was in the cupboard next to the oven, yay more lollies! As I was opening the bag I chucked my lollies into my easter bag and read my third clue. It said "A tree in the front of the the house. The tree that grows golden fruit". I clicked and said the peach tree! so I set off running to find my lollies. When  I got my fourth clue it said "I'm right next to the front door. A white square box on a wall. I always keep my meter running". The meter box! I couldn't reach it so my dad got it down for me.

The fith clue said "I am a cold place. I hold food and drinks. I have a big glass door. find me at the back of the house. there you will find your last clue".The fridge! This clue was really easy because it was the only fridge my grandparents had that was outside. So I ran down stairs and there it was. I finally finshed. The last and final clue said "CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR MISSION. ASSEMBLE IN THE SITTING ROOM TO AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS". When I got to the sitting room I was the last one but it wasn't a race my aunty said.

We each received a present for our efforts and that was a chocolate Easter bunny and the little babys like Kensi and Evan received a toy bunny and a chocolate for being cute. After our prizes we had a Easter egg scramble and my mum was the one scrambling them. I had to answer one question to receive my egg and it was "name all the colours of the rainbow" so I did and for my prize I got few chocolate eggs.  My mum decided to scramble it all and a few hit my head but it didn't hurt.  When all the fun had finished my family and i had a lovely Easter lunch. There was steak, corn and meat patties, sausages, prawns, potatoe salad, crab meat salad and all so yummy! 

I had a great time and I hope we have another Easter egg hunt next year. Maybe we will get bigger and more easter eggs!


  1. Awesome stuff Khaia!! Keep up the good writing. Glad you had a happy easter with the family.

  2. Now that sounded like an awesome Easter egg hunt. I love how you took us through each clue, it was as if I was with you in the hunt and I too was getting excited as I kept reading further along :). Giselle says, "Great blog Khaia"

  3. Was a fun day and much more fun when you celebrate it with the ones you love. Bring on next year 2014..same thing different clues hehe

    love mum x

  4. I always enjoy reading your blogs Khaia, you are a very talented writer and I look forward to the many more you have in store :-) . I especially loved the part where the babies got toys and chocolates for being Cute! Keep up the awesome work xx

  5. Tasiriyah and Evan4 April 2013 at 13:09

    Hahaha honestly best easter egg hunt so far . LoL ,love the blog indy !mwah ,mwah from your ssooky cousin Evan ,Riyah and Aunty

  6. Hi kaiah I wish i was there with you.

    From antonia


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