Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarltons

WOW! Today the year 5&6 went to kelly tarltons and it was awesome we saw all sorts of sea life creatures and penguins. Everybody was amazed about the fantastic animals because of the things they do and how they look. There were lots of people there and lots of things to do I love going to kelly tartans.Kelly tarltons is an aquarium for fish and other sea life creatures
Here is the shark

Here is a photo of Arianan and her friend 
When I was there I saw penguins I thought they were cute but the cutest thing there were then clownfish who knew they were so tiny they're like little krill. I also saw cool sharks in this giant tank and it has big stingrays in it. Did you know there is a shark and it is weird because it looked like a giant lion fish but I forgot what it was called.

We were lucky because we got to take our netbooks but we didn’t really go on it. My favourite thing about kelly tarltons is everything. But what I thought was the best is seeing the sting ray. My friend Ariana liked the fake shark because she liked to hide from her friends in it.

I love going to kelly tarltons and I also love trips with my netbook. Thanks teachers for the best trip ever. We're looking towards our next trip please say we get to take our netbook to that trip to.

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