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Wow, do you know why people swim? If you don't then we will tell you. We swim because when someone needs help we can help them, for example if my little sister was drowning what would I do?

Well if you were thinking about this question and you a wondering who should I go to to get advice well here I am okay. I’ll start from the beginning. When I wanted to learn I heard that in two weeks we were going to a session at the GI pools. I was so excited that we were going. When that special day came we went at 2 o'clock to the GI pools we Instructors to help us and advise us hey that just like me how I’m giving you advice going back to Instructor’s at the beginning the instructors wanted to see were we were like if we needed more or if we needed to go back and learn all of them, so we got two at a time then they put us into groups there was one,two and three then when we were ready we got straight into it.

Why you need to learn how to swim.

It is important to swim because when you get into the water you will know how to swim and also it will be more fun than drowning.

What encourages me to swim is that my dad’s dad he was one of the best swimmers so I follow his footsteps steps, though I'm not as good as he was.

Here are some swimming moves that you could learn:

Arm strokes. When you start arm strokes , you start off  with your right hand you go slowly over your head then your left hand will be your breathing hand then you just do it over and over again but when you do your arm strokes they have to be slow but your legs they have to be super fast.

Another move is rocket ship a rocket ship move is when you put both arm’s together like a sharp pencil then you make sure that your chin is glued to your chest.HERE ARE MY BEST SWIMMING MOVES.Well there is backstroke back freestyle and that all you’ll learn it in your session’s How?How? What would happen if you got washed out to sea and you wouldn't know how to swim?


Go to any pools and learn to swim. You should have a session cause it is easier but if you're too shy you could go with friends.

Well that’s my advice for remember to LEARN TO SWIM! !!!!!!

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