Monday, 31 March 2014

The Giant Egg Hunt

Do you know about the Big egg hunt that was going on around Auckland, Christchurch and wellington? There are 100 eggs to collect. Here in Auckland there are only 46 eggs, they are hidden all around town. Whittaker's Nz are the one's who set these activity's up. They are doing this because they are fundraising money for star-ship childrens hospital. The winner gets a one of a kind golden slab which is made by Partridge Jewellers and there are eggs that get you free peanut slabs. I already have received 3 free peanut slabs from scanning the eggs. There are lots of artists who have designed the eggs into master pieces and they are all inspired by shows and other stuff. The one you should look for is the "wheres wally egg" because he gives you 99 points.

My mum and my sister Cree and I went on a train ride all the way into Auckland City just to hunt for the eggs and by the end of it my feet was hurting. We had so much fun and not only did we find all the eggs I visited places I have never been to before. Like the Gus Fisher Gallery on Shortland St and the Louis Vuitton store on Queen St.
The place with most of the eggs is at the viaduct events center (oops spoiler alert). When you start looking for the eggs people will hand you a map showing you where the eggs are. The first place we looked was at the museum and there were only four eggs. My favorite would have been #egg12 which is gondwanna by Collin Mathuira - Jeffree. It was a dinosaur egg with a dinosaur head poking out. This egg was found at the Museum.  The funniest egg would have to be egg with the ladder coming out of it.

The competition is run from 21 March to the 22nd of April. So those of you who want to hunt for some unique and amazing eggs also helping a great cause go out and have fun finding them with your friends and family and GOOD LUCK some are hard to find.


  1. Hi Khaia mummy here. Great writing on the Easter egg hunt. I hope we win this competition for all our hard work looking for them all. Have a great day at school. love mum. xo

  2. Hello Khaia. Mr Mackay from Greytown School here. I visited your school last week and was very impressed with how hard you guys work. Good luck with the Easter Egg hunt.


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