Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Story Line Reflection

Last week year 5, 6, 7, 8 went down to the Vodafone event center to see 4 special authors. The names were   Juliette MclverCath MayoJill MacGregorPaula Green. (You can click on the names to see the sites) My favourite author would have to be Paula green. I liked her because she is really good at rhyming (Sorry to the others) but she wasn't the only one, there was also Juliette Mclver who was my second favourite. I guess I like them because I am just interested in the beat and the rhyms.

If I were on the stage having to present what kinds of books I have and what I have been studding I would have froze or even forget what to say. I think I would have like to have more time to learn about them and understand why they were doing all of these things.

f one of the authors are reading this right know all I would want to say is thank you for giving up your time to share the things that you have been doing to us and it would be great if you left me a comment.

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