Monday, 4 August 2014

Let the games begin

Finally, it’s the time that everyone have been waiting for. It only happens every four years. The one and only, Commonwealth games being held in Glasgow Scotland. I am so  excited to see my auntie and uncle represent my culture (Niue) in lawn bowls and weightlifting. I am so proud of them for going and I am really hoping they come at least #1, #2 or #3.

My second favourite event is High jump which is in athletics.To be honest I don’t really wont to watch it but Maybe I will a little. How to play is so easy all you need is a long mat that is thick and spongy, a pole that won’t hurt you when you jump over it. Oh yeah you also need something to hold the pole .Now  to set it up, place the mat somewhere clear then the pole and the thing that is holding it to put in front. Last but not least you have to start on a angle and run as fast as you can then jump at least in the middle and over the bar. Here is a tip for jumping over, try and keep your body straight. There are a few ways to jump over like scissor kicks, super man and lots more.

My least favourite event is sprints because I don’t really like running and I don’t ever come first, second or third. Let’s just get this over with. There is a little trigger thing you put your foot on. If you take your foot of it and the fake gun shot doesn't shoot you are automatically disqualified. Oh yeah about the gunshot that is what communicates with the trigger foot thing. So that mean when it shoot it pushes the foot thing forward allowing you to run. Then you run as fast as you can to the finish line.

Last but not least netball. Netball is my favourite event not because I play but it looks fun. I started playing it in year 4 with Mr Jacobson. It inspired me to keep playing and now my mum is the manager and my friends mum is the coach. Any way, Netball is really fascinating and blood pumping running around passing a ball and shooting goals. I think this is the easiest game to play.

We are all so lucky that our country is apart of the commonwealth games and that we have people representing us. If we didn't agree for the queen to rule us we wouldn't be apart of it.

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