Friday, 22 August 2014


Moas had the opportunity to read a book called escape from Afghanistan. So now we have to write about what it felt like when you were on bored of the bus which was packed tight.

If I were on the bus...
I would vomit when ever I needed to go toilet because it was just a wooden bowl. And I wold be embarrassed because there are no doors. I would be really scared if I was sitting on the side of the bus because I wouldn't want to fall out. Last but not least I would hate going to sleep on there because I would have to sit up and sleep and then get disturbed when ever someone walked over me to get to the toilet. AND THIS IS WHY I WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE IN AFGHANISTAN!

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  1. I looked at your blog post and thought I was going to find out about moa birds. Instead I'm reading about refugees in a boat. Do you think you could re-name your post to reflect what it is about?
    I'm glad our Auckland buses aren't this packed. Why were these people traveling on such a journey?


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