Thursday, 7 November 2013

The whisper

On a gloomy scary day on December the 1st there was a man named John who was obsessed with sheds Because he could keep his cars and stuff in there. He was a millionaire he had the largest company ever. He had a wife named Cindy but John was in love with his sheds and cars so his wife left for a couple of days and went to her friends house. John got angry and yelled, “ fine I didn’t need you in the first place” But he actually did. A few days after that he got the message of his wife being kidnapped in an old shed. So he said to himself, “nooooooooo no I must find her I am so sorry (Cry)”

The Next day he receives a call from a unknown person And the unknown person said with a low voice, “ I have got your wife and I will kill her unless you bring me $50,000” So John said OK but let me listen to my wife talk so the unknown person put it in front of sindy’s mouth and she screamed out,” help me the guy is….!” The guy quickly pulled the phone away and told him the address and hanged up. John sighed with relief.

The next day he packed his bags and left to boo street 31A in berk. So he set off on his journey in search of his wife. 2 days later he gets to his destination and begins searching for his missing wife. When he saw the place he knew it was a shed and lost his focus and began looking for space for his cars. a few hours later he heard a mysterious whisper and a scream that sounded like Cindy so he remembered what he was looking for and got back on track. Soon he heard a voice that sounded like Cindy and followed it but got lost because it was a giant. shed it had tipsy and tourneys but the heard the whisper again and did not stop. He did this for 3 and a half hours and found out that he was going in the wrong direction so he went the other way and saw the guy or as we shale it lady.

He jumped with a surprising face and said, “ Jenny is that you” the lady replied with, “ yes it is me I have taken your wife” John said, “ but why?’ She replied saying, “ all these years I have been jealous of you and always wanted to go into your company but you didn’t let me in so I am getting my revenge so where is the money?” John said here you go now where is Cindy she pushed her to him and they left. When they got home she woke up and said, “ Jenny has gone loko” John stopped her there and said, “ it’s OK I got her”     THE END  You're probably wondering what happened to Jenny While She blew up because the bag wasn't a filled with money it was filled with a giant bomb.

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