Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The missing sock

One blue rainy day Harold, who loved to adventure everywhere around his community, hopped out of his bed and yelled, “hellooo sun…” But before he could say sunshine his smile turned into a frown because it was raining and he couldn't go outside. So he grabbed his socks because his feet were could but when he looked at it and said, “ where is my sock?” So he began his journey to look for the missing sock.

After a few minutes he started asking himself where would a missing sock go? Until ‘bam! something hit him. when he looked down there was a acorn with a note on it so he opened it and it said in fancy letters Dear Mr Harold I am very happy to say I stole your sock, and I just wanted you to know  this was from the sock king good luck finding me. Harold gasped like he was surprised and said, “I must find him I must” and kept on saying it.

Then he planned out what he was going to do and what he was looking for. So he thought to himself saying, “socks socks socks aha” His first destination was the laundry he said, “of course!” So he went down there but it was bad luck so he looked it the dryer nothing. But he had thought sock king sock king sock and said, “Under my bed that's where I keep my clothes so he went upstairs and looked under the bed and there he was but when he picked the sock king up it was a fake so he thought again and again...TO BE CONTINUED…  

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