Wednesday, 23 March 2016


PLUTO: - Link to video.

I shouted out “Pluto, hurry up it’s starting!” It’s our favourite dance group, The Planets. It was the day that the planets, Jupiter, Neptune, Earth, Saturn and another four (Earth is my favourite) had just announced that they were looking for a new member of the group. I instantly turned and looked at Pluto. He refused saying, “I can’t do that because well… i’m weird” I replied, “I don’t think you're weird” he started to blush and changed his mind. We started training right away.

First I showed him a little spin I had just put together but he took one step and collapsed right on to his face. I face planted my hand thinking there is a lot of work to be done. First I tried to show him how to do the moonwalk but it didn't  look very good as he just slid his feet along the ground making a irritating sound. Next I showed him the move when you lie on your side and run which makes you spin in circle but that was even worse, he couldn't even move an inch. Lastly I told him to jump on the trampoline and and pose while in the air and as I expected he failed.

He had been practising for 2 days straight and then the next day I went to meet up with him was like a pro he was destine to be in the group. So we set off to the planets try outs where there millions of people almost like the scorching hot day I went to the pools. We waited for 1 hour until it was Pluto's turn.

He peeped out of the curtain and looked out to the judges. He walked out as soon as Sun said his name. He got to the middle and shook with fear then looked out to the side where he saw me and took a breath and started dancing like no one was watching. The Planets were so surprised and Neptune even started crying. He finished his routine with 0 gravity and posing in the air. Earth walked up to him and said, “welcome to the team”. I ran out yelling, “Oh my gosh Pluto you made it in” but before I could continue my saying earth stopped by saying, “who’s the asteroid?” “This is my friend, Sheran” Pluto says, “this weirdo is your friend, come on Pluto let’s get out of here” Pluto stops to think then says, “well she’s not weird to me” Earth replies, “well if you're not a planet what are you”  “exactly what i’m meant to be” Pluto says. He turned his back to the gang and hugs me then I ask, “wanna get a shack from the milky way?” He replies, “I wouldn't miss it for the world”

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