Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Why do birds have beaks?

Have you ever asked yourself why? Why do albatross have beaks? Actually why does any bird have beaks? Well it all started in 1743…

It was a nice warm spring day. The  BW1, Bird War 1, was starting up, there were birds lined up all around Takuma Island. The Island may have looked small but all the rest of the lands were already conquered by humans. There were all sorts of birds ready for war like the Australian Bittner, Banded Rail, Australasian crested grebe and the Albatrosses.

It was June 26 1743 and the albatross were getting very hungry it was 1:00 and right now we would be calling it lunch time. It was then one of the tribes, Banded Rail, took the first hit from the Australian Bittner. The impact on the Banded Rail was very deadly in fact ¼ of the Banded team had died. It was now on, the war to be exact. It was then the starving Albatrosses turn to take a shot. They set up the poopers and the poisonous feathers. They sent 14 birds to poop on the Australasian crested, that’s why there called the poopers. The poopers were also wearing bags full of feathers that could kill anyone or anything with one touch so they released over 1000 feathers over the tops of the Australasian crested heads ⅓ of the group were deceased.

3 years later the war had ended and the Albatross had won the Island. Every bird that had survived flew away in search of a new land. At that time the albatross were starving all though the the war they had been eating grass. It was then one of them saw something slimy wriggle around in the grass. Alexandra, one of the albatross, had decided to pick up the mythical creature and see what it was. He looked at all of its feature, it had pink skin, no eyes nor a mouth. Alex thought that it looked delicious and placed it in his mouth.

It was then after something started to happen, he felt tingly on his upper lip and his tongue felt weird. He felt his lip to find a long orange thing just above his upper lip. It then started to grow he flew to the nearest bathroom to see that he had a beak or he called it thingy majiggy. He ran out to everyone screaming, “LOOK LOOK LOOK AT ME AND MY NEW THINGY MAJIGGY!” Everyone gasped looking surprised thinking what a horrible thing he turned into.

But the chief of the Albatross thought that it made him look fierce and he took Alexander into his nest. “What did you eat to get that thing on your face child?” Asked the chief, “Umm I ate the pink thing that was in the ground we had found the other day, sir” Alexander replied, “We must find more pink things” So off he went in search of his guards to go and dig for more pink things. 1 minute later a guard had found a hole heap of them and handed them to the chief. The chief put some of them into a fish soup and handed bowls out to the people.

The next morning the whole town was full of screams, the screams of birds. Georgia, one of the other albatross, flew to the chiefs nest to tell him about the incident. But before she could talk the chief said, “We shall call them beaks” “What do you mean beaks?” asked Georgia, “Can’t you see this is what we had to do, this is what we had to become!” Georgia said, “Ok so this was supposed to happen” “Yes” said the chief.

Georgia left the nest of the chief to tell everyone that everything was OK and that the chief wanted this to happen and that nothing was wrong and that there just called beaks. Everyone sighed in relief and carried on with their normal lives.

And that's how the birds got their beaks, But wait I would like to share one true fact about albatross (Clearing my throat) Albatrosses pair for life and take many years to find a new mate if their partner is killed – if they find a new partner at all.

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  1. HI khaia
    What a fantastic story I especially liked the 4th paragraph well done you really hocked me in with your words keep up the good work


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