Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly - Term 3

Every year at the start of a new term we have a special  assembly called immersion assembly where every team take turn presenting something to do with their topic, which we have to learn about over the whole term. This term we are learning about how to be financially responsible and our main topic is Trade and Enterpri$e. The first team to present was team 1.

Team 1 will be learning about how they can earn money and the right to spend their money. There teachers have decided to do this because they are learning how to be money wise. The teachers have also decided to create a shop for them to spend there money that they earn.

Team 2 was up next. They will be learning who likes which flavours. e.g 10 kids could like chocolate and 5 kids could like vanilla so this means they should make more chocolate ice cream .

Team 3 is up next and they were talking about about what kind of jobs they would like to be in when they grow up. They are doing this because they are learning jow to how to make the correct courier choices and to tell the difference of which company earns more money and which doesn’t.

Then it was team four’s turn. They were learning about people’s emotions when the get money or when they spend it. For e.g. a man asks you to mow his lawns for $25 but when you finish you only get $10, how would feel.

Last but not least was team 5. We are learning how to be financially responsible. This means the way in which we handle money. For e.g. the good guys come to your door and they are selling a $70 jacket which you saw at the warehouse for $10

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