Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tiritiri Matangi Reflection

Last week on Wednesday the whole of the year 7&8 extension crew left Pt England for Tiritiri Matangi. We were invited by DOC (Department of conservation). A lady named Vanessa came to our school to greet us and tell us what will be expected at the island. We left about 10 - 20 minutes later. (If you want to read what happened click here)

Do you know what bio-diversity is? Well bio-diversity is short for biological diversity. There are a group of people and there job is to look after a variety of animals and plants found around the world. They look after those who are endangered and send them to different islands to be looked after and repopulate.

On the trip at Tiritiri Matangi island I have learnt...

  • There are only 270 Takehe (A bird that looks like and over grown Pukeko) in the world.
  • The light house at the island has been on the island for over 60 years.
  • The light house is the oldest WORKING light house in New Zealand.
  • Tiritiri Matangi has never ever had any pests on the island.
  • There were 2 Takehe that died and 1 paradice duck.

Over all I have experienced a lot of nature and I would love to visit once again.

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  1. Nice reflection Khaia glad you had a good time visiting this special piece of New Zealand.


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